File Compatibility

Clone Manager

 SnapGene and  SnapGene Viewer can read .cm5, .cx5 and .gbk DNA sequence files, .pd4 primer files, and .px5 primer collection files created by Clone Manager. Shown below is an example of a Clone Manager .cm5 file viewed with the original program and with SnapGene.

To try it for yourself, download the free SnapGene Viewer:
SnapGene Viewer 4.2.9
for macOS (37 MB)
SnapGene Viewer 4.2.9
for Windows (28 MB)
A Clone Manager file viewed with Clone Manager:
The same Clone Manager file viewed with SnapGene:

If you have trouble opening a Clone Manager file with SnapGene or SnapGene Viewer, please send us a message and attach the file.

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