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Complete annotated DNA sequence of bacteriophage lambda, including the cohesive ends.

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 40,000 30,000 20,000 10,000 B nu3 E Fi Z V G L I orf-401 orf206b orf206b int bet ea10 N Nin 290 R nu1 W mature peptide U T M K orf206b orf-194 orf206b recombination site xis exo kil ral cII Nin 146 Nin 68 Q S Rz leader peptide C xis End (48,502) PluTI (45,683) SfoI (45,681) NarI (45,680) KasI (45,679) orf-64 Nin 221 Nin 204 Nin 60 cII cII cII rho utilization site B rho utilization site A cro operator-r1 operator-r2 operator-r3 rexb rexb rexb operator-l3 operator-l2 operator-l1 Nutl binding site BmtI (34,683) NheI (34,679) ral PaeR7I - PspXI - XhoI (33,498) kil SgrDI (33,244) gam recombination site xis xis xis KflI (28,798) int 3 binding site int 2 binding site int 1 binding site XbaI * (24,508) recombination site orf-314 NaeI (20,042) NgoMIV (20,040) BsiWI (19,323) lom SnaBI (12,190) ApaI (10,090) PspOMI (10,086) Fii D Start (0) lambda 48,502 bp