Plasmid Files

Your time is valuable!

Our software is designed to save you time. As part of that effort, we supply carefully annotated files for common plasmids. Click on the links to view the plasmid collections.

These combined DNA sequence and map files can be opened with  SnapGene or the free  SnapGene Viewer.

Basic Cloning VectorsCommonly used cloning vectors and sequence elements
CRISPR PlasmidsCRISPR plasmids for genome editing and gene regulation from Addgene, transOMIC, and others
Gateway® Cloning VectorsCommonly used Gateway® sequences including Donor Vectors, Entry Vectors, and Destination Vectors
TA and GC Cloning VectorsCommonly used TA and GC cloning vectors
Fluorescent Protein Genes & PlasmidsCommonly used fluorescent protein genes and vectors
Luciferase VectorsCommonly used luciferase plasmids
Mammalian Expression VectorsCommonly used vectors for gene expression in mammalian cells
Viral Expression & Packaging VectorsRetroviral, lentiviral, and adenoviral vectors from Clontech, Invitrogen, and others
I.M.A.G.E. Consortium PlasmidsCommonly used plasmids for I.M.A.G.E. Consortium cDNA clones
Yeast PlasmidsCloning and tagging vectors for yeasts and other fungi
Plant VectorsCommonly used plasmids for plant cell transformation and gene expression
Insect Cell VectorsCommonly used baculovirus and insect cell plasmids
Lucigen VectorsCloning, expression, and tagging vectors
pET & Duet Vectors (Novagen)Bacterial expression and tagging vectors
pGEX Vectors (GE Healthcare)Bacterial expression and GST tagging vectors (GE Healthcare/Amersham/Pharmacia)
Qiagen VectorsExpression and tagging vectors
Structural Genomics VectorsExpression vectors supplied by centers for structural genomics

If you have suggestions for additional plasmids or plasmid collections, please contact us.

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