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The user guide is still being constructed. If you have a question about a topic that is not covered here, please contact us.

Agarose Gel Simulation

This set of lessons describes how to simulate an agarose gel for a restriction digest or a PCR amplification.

Simulate an Agarose Gel
How do I open and configure the Simulate Agarose Gel dialog?

Choose a MW Marker
How do I choose a MW marker for an agarose gel simulation?

Set the Default MW marker
How do I set the MW marker?

Configure the Gel Properties
How do I configure the number of gel lanes, the % agarose, and the electrophoresis time?

Choose a Sequence for Digestion or PCR
How do I choose a sequence for restriction digestion or PCR?

Simulate a Restriction Digest
How do I simulate an agarose gel for a restriction digest?

Simulate a PCR Amplification
How do I simulate an agarose gel for a PCR amplification?

Rearrange the Gel Lanes
How do I rearrange the gel lanes?

Export the Gel Data
How do I print, copy or save the gel and/or fragment list?

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