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The user guide is still being constructed. If you have a question about a topic that is not covered here, please contact us.


This set of lessons describes how to configure the display of restriction enzymes, work with Enzymes view, obtain information about individual enzymes, and define custom enzyme sets.

Show or Hide Enzymes
Enzymes displayed in Sequence and Map views can be shown or hidden.

Choose an Enzyme Set
The enzymes shown in Map and Sequence views can be chosen from a list of predefined or custom enzyme sets.

Choose Enzymes Manually
Choose enzymes manually by name, or by editing an existing enzyme set or using search criteria.

View a Restriction Site Overview
In Enzymes view, the restriction sites can be displayed as lines or numbers. The chosen enzyme set can also be searched or edited.

Sort Enzymes
In Enzymes view, the chosen enzyme set can be sorted by name, restriction site count or location, or distance from a selection.

View Enzyme Information
Detailed enzyme information is available in the Restriction Enzymes window by clicking or typing the enzyme name, while a synopsis is available by mousing over the enzyme name.

View Noncutters
To view a list of enzymes that don't cut the sequence, you can use the Enzymes menu, the side toolbar, or the Noncutters button in Enzymes view.

Save or Export Enzyme Set
Chosen enzymes can be saved for use either with a single sequence, or with all sequences. Alternatively, enzymes can be exported for transfer to another computer.

Manage Enzyme Sets
Custom enzyme sets can be managed by changing their name or type, or by combining, deleting, duplicating, importing, or exporting existing enzyme sets.

Set Enzyme Preferences
SnapGene will remember customized preferences for displaying enzymes and enzyme sets, as well as the order of preference for enzyme suppliers.

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