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The user guide is still being constructed. If you have a question about a topic that is not covered here, please contact us.


This set of lessons describes how features can be used to highlight a region of interest or visualize amino acid sequences that spans introns.

Create a Simple Feature
How can I designate a feature within a DNA sequence?

Create a Translated Feature
How can I create a feature that will be translated in Sequence view?

Adjust Translated Feature Numbering
How can I change the amino acid numbering of a translated feature?

Create a Feature Segment
How can I designate part of a feature as a segment?

Annotate an Intron
How can I add an intron annotation to a translated feature?

Add a Cleavage Arrow
How can I display a cleavage arrow in a feature?

Edit Multiple Features
How can I edit multiple features' properties all at once?

Delete Features
How can I delete a feature without removing the underlying DNA?

Confirm an In-Frame Gene Fusion
How can I confirm that two coding sequence features are in the same reading frame?

Set the Genetic Code for a Feature
How can I specify a nonstandard genetic code for a translated feature?

Designate a Non-ATG Start Codon
For a translated feature, how can I ensure that a non-ATG start codon is translated as methionine?

Hide or Show Features
How can I change the visibility of a feature?

Sort the Feature List
How can I sort the list in Features view?

Import Feature Data
How can I copy feature annotations from one file to another?

Export Feature Data
How can I export feature names, positions, and other data to a text file?

Splice to Remove Introns
How can I remove introns from a feature to obtain the cDNA sequence?

Detect Common Features
How can I detect the common features within a DNA sequence?

Detect Custom Features
How can I detect custom features within a DNA sequence?

Edit Common Features
How can I edit common features?

Share Custom Feature List
How can I share my list of custom common features with a colleague?

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