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The user guide is still being constructed. If you have a question about a topic that is not covered here, please contact us.

Set Up a License Server on Windows

Note: This documentation is not completely up to date for the latest server version. Please contact us if you encounter any problems.

As the account manager, how can I set up a server on a Windows computer for sharing SnapGene licenses among several computers?

To share SnapGene licenses across several computers, first install the FLEXnet License Server on a network computer that will always be available. The SnapGene team will provide a server installation file called FLEXnet_GSL_win.exe.

Install the Server

To install the server, double-click on FLEXnet_GSL_win.exe.

Specify a directory to install the server, then click Next.

Note: The location must allow the server to write to the directory (e.g., the location should not be Program Files).

Click Install in the next window.

Start the Server

In the start menu, click Programs → FLEXnet GSL → Start Server.

Access the Server

To access the server, open a browser window, then type localhost:8090.

Sign In to the Server

Click the Administration link at the top right of the window.

To sign in, type the default User Name: admin and Password: admin, then click Submit.

Change the Password

To change the password, type the old and new passwords, then click Save.

Import the SnapGene Vendor Daemon License

To import the SnapGene Vendor Daemon license, click the Vendor Daemon Configuration button.

Then click the Import License button.

Click Choose File, browse to the .lic file sent to you by the SnapGene team, then click Import License.

Note: If you received a new license file (e.g., for additional licenses), instead check the box for Overwrite License File on License Server, then click Import License.

Configuration of the license server is complete. Click OK.

Review Shared License Usage

To review the current SnapGene license usage, click the Dashboard link, then click Concurrent. The number of licenses in use (and available) will be shown in the In Use column.

Open Required Ports

If the computer running the license server restricts access to ports, then ports 27000 - 27009 need to be made accessible to client computers attempting to contact the server. The daemon uses an ephemeral port. If you run a firewall you may need to specify a port for the daemon.

Restart the Server When Necessary

For the licenses to be accessible, the administrator computer running this server must remain on. If the administrator computer is turned off and then back on, the server must be restarted. For this purpose, in the Start menu, click Programs → FLEXnet GSL → Start Server.

Configure the License Server as a Service

To allow the license server to run as a service, you must have Administrator privileges. This service will run under the LocalSystem account. This account is required to run this utility as a service.

Configure the License Server as a Service at the Command Line

To configure the license server as a service, run the following commands in a terminal. Make sure to replace the path highlighted in yellowith the path to your server files:

sc create SnapGene Displayname= "Snapgene GSL" binPath= "C:\Licenses\FLEXnet GSL\SnapGene\lmadmin.exe -adminOnly no -allowRemoteStopServer yes -allowLicenseReclaim yes" start= auto

sc description SnapGene "SnapGene License Manager"

sc start SnapGene

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