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The user guide is still being constructed. If you have a question about a topic that is not covered here, please contact us.

Unregister a Computer Remotely

As the account manager, how can I unregister a SnapGene license on a computer that is not physically accessible?

Go to the Login Page

For this procedure, you must be the account manager for the SnapGene licenses.

Go to, and click on the "Manage My Account" link in the upper right corner.


Enter the email address and password for the account manager.

The original password was sent in an email immediately after purchase. If you have lost the password, click the triangle to show controls for obtaining a new password by email.

Display the Active Licenses

On the account page, click the "Active Licenses" triangle to show the SnapGene licenses in use by your group.

Deactivate the License Remotely

To deactivate a license, press the Deactivate button next to the name of the relevant computer. The computer will no longer be listed in the Active Licenses list, but instead will be listed in the Deactivated Licenses list. The released license will be immediately available for use on another computer.

Re-enable a Computer Remotely

To allow the computer owner to use a SnapGene license from your group again, press the Enable Reactivation button next to the name of the relevant computer. After the computer owner registers with your code, that computer name will appear in the Active Licenses list.


When you are finished, click on the "Logout" link in the upper right corner.

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