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The user guide is still being constructed. If you have a question about a topic that is not covered here, please contact us.

Choose the Translation Frames

How can I choose which translation reading frames are displayed in Map and Sequence view?

Show Translations

If translations are not visible, click the "Show translations" button in the side toolbar.

Select the Translation Reading Frames

Click the side toolbar "Choose translated sequences" menu button to select the translation reading frames.

View the Updated Translation

In this example, the updated Sequence view shows the "All 6 Frames" selection.

Top-strand ORFs are highlighted in orange, and bottom-strand ORFs are highlighted in green. Small arrows at the end of each row remind the viewer of the translation frame and directionality.

Note: The Show translations button appearance changed to reflect the "All 6 Frames" selection.

In Map view, the ORFs within the selected translation reading frames are shown.

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