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Addgene Supports the SnapGene Format

Addgene now uses SnapGene software, and accepts plasmid sequences in SnapGene format.
Chicago, IL – April 9

GSL Biotech announced today that Addgene, the non-profit repository for plasmids, has selected the company’s flagship software product, SnapGene, as a solution for cloning simulation and plasmid map drawing. Aline Glick, Vice President of Product Management at GSL Biotech said, “The scientists at SnapGene have long been fans of Addgene and their commitment to making it easy to share resources, so it’s particularly gratifying that Addgene scientists have adopted SnapGene for their own work.”

In addition to using SnapGene, Addgene now accepts plasmids in SnapGene format. When sending a plasmid to Addgene for deposit, scientists who use SnapGene can now include a SnapGene map, and Addgene will include that map on their website where the plasmid is listed. Joanne Kamens, Executive Director at Addgene said, “Addgene and GSL Biotech share the goals of making science more efficient and improving accuracy. When we receive a plasmid with a SnapGene map, we can instantly see all of the features, accurately depicted, and our community members love sharing information in this format.”

About GSL Biotech

GSL Biotech was founded by scientists and software designers to meet the everyday needs of molecular biologists. GSL’s SnapGene software ( provides a simple yet powerful way for researchers to plan, visualize, document, and share their everyday molecular biology procedures. Free trials of the software are available from the SnapGene website.

In addition to the fully functional paid product, GSL Biotech offers the free SnapGene Viewer, which includes the key visualization tools of SnapGene, and allows researchers to make DNA maps and design primers. The annotated sequence files can be shared with colleagues or customers.

About Addgene

Addgene is a 501(c)3 non-profit biorepository dedicated to facilitating scientific discoveries by operating a plasmid library for researchers. Plasmids are DNA-based research reagents commonly used in the life sciences. Scientists need to share these reagents to collaborate and build upon the work of their colleagues. Addgene has worked with over 1,400 laboratories to assemble its current collection of 22,000 plasmids, and continues to solicit new deposits. Plasmids have been distributed to over 60 different countries and over 7,000 plasmids are shipped each month. By authenticating, storing, archiving, and distributing plasmids and their associated data, Addgene is creating a lasting resource for research and discovery scientists around the world. For more information, visit:

Contact Information

GSL Biotech
Aline Glick
Vice President of Product Management
GSL Biotech
Tel: 773.966.4599