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eLABJournal from Bio-ITech Integrates SnapGene’s Molecular Biology Software

Bio-ITech and SnapGene jointly announce new software compatibility.
December 3, 2018

Bio-ITech and SnapGene jointly announce a new software compatibility. To enhance productivity in molecular biology labs, Bio-ITech has added the ability for scientists to access their SnapGene-formatted vector and plasmid files within their Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), eLABJournal.

Using the eLABWebEdit tool, researchers can now add their SnapGene files directly to eLABJournal within their full experiment reports by a simple “drag and drop” feature. This allows researchers to centralize all of their lab work, from sample and inventory management to equipment management, and their actual reports and evaluations through various tools all in one place. Since eLABJournal provides tools for labs to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 Requirements, compliance is attainable.

eLABJournal & SnapGene in Everyday Research

Everyday molecular biology activities include cloning and PCR. It’s crucial to be able to visualize, plan, and document molecular biology workflows, and SnapGene makes those tasks easy. Along with that comes a series of other activities such as prepping your samples, tracking those samples, monitoring the equipment those samples are being used in, following protocols, and writing up reports – and this is where eLABJournal comes in, centralizing all of these tools in one intuitive platform designed to increase the efficiency of any lab.

SnapGene’s attractive/streamlined/clean and easy-to-use plasmid displays allow scientists to plan and simulate their experiments. Combining the visual tools and features within SnapGene with the sample management and electronic notebook within eLABJournal will grant scientists a flexible and integrated approach to optimize their workflows.

Integrate your data files into your ELN with eLABWebEdit.

eLABJournal’s eLABWebEdit tool offers unrivaled flexibility to link research data of any format. It provides a seamless interface for editing your files without the cumbersome process of manually downloading, renaming, and uploading them back in the ELN. eLABWebEdit automatically downloads the file to your computer and opens the program associated with it. When you are finished and ready to save the file, eLABWebEdit will upload it to the experiment in the ELN and store it as a new file version – thereby maintaining data integrity according to GLP compliance and offering the ability to “roll back” to a previous version if needed. You can focus on your work instead of making sure you have the right version of the file saved.

About SnapGene

SnapGene was created by scientists and software designers to meet the everyday needs of molecular biologists. The SnapGene desktop software ( is used in more than fifty countries, in virtually every major research institution, and in most of the largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. The software provides a simple yet powerful way for researchers to plan, visualize, document, and share their molecular biology procedures. Free trials of the software are available from the SnapGene website. In addition to SnapGene, GSL Biotech offers the free SnapGene Viewer, which includes the key visualization tools of SnapGene and allows researchers to make DNA maps and design primers, as well as SnapGene Server, which allows interactive DNA maps to be displayed in a web browser.

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About Bio-ITech

Bio-ITech is a Life Science IT company that provides software solutions to manage information in the workflow of laboratories worldwide. The Electronic Lab Notebook eLABJournal and the Inventory/Equipment and Sample Management System eLABInventory are 21 CFR part 11 compliant and safeguard intellectual property with track-and-trace, versioning, and digital signatures. Software solutions are offered as fully managed hosting solutions in the cloud, private cloud or on-premises. Bio-ITech was founded in 2010 by Erwin Seinen and Wouter de Jong and is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified since 2016. From offices in the US (Boston, MA) and Europe (the Netherlands), serving customers worldwide. Since March 2017, Eppendorf AG has been holding the majority of shares of Bio-ITech BV. With this majority interest, both companies count on long-term collaboration.