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GSL Biotech Releases First Web-Based Molecular Biology Software Product

SnapGene Server Brings SnapGene’s DNA Display and Annotation Technology to Websites.
Chicago, IL – October 27, 2016

GSL Biotech announced today that the company has released its first web-based molecular biology product, SnapGene Server, a tool for biotech companies and nonprofit organizations to render interactive DNA maps on their websites. The technology also allows website visitors to input data from a variety of common file formats, and to generate interactive, annotated maps directly within their browsers.

Aline Glick, Vice President of Product Management at GSL Biotech said, “One of the reasons we built our flagship desktop software, SnapGene, was because our founding scientists were frustrated that there was no industry standard for visually sharing rich plasmid information. The SnapGene format is rapidly becoming that industry standard. Companies such as Lucigen and transOMIC already display their plasmid information using SnapGene-generated maps that can be downloaded and easily viewed by their customers using the free SnapGene Viewer. We want to make it even easier for biotech companies and nonprofits to share information with their customers, and for scientists to share their plasmids online, through automatically generated, beautifully interactive maps. To realize this vision, we created SnapGene Server.”

Once installed on an Ubuntu or Fedora Linux server, SnapGene Server rapidly generates interactive maps that can be viewed using any browser. Will Stokes, Chief Software Architect at GSL Biotech noted, “When developing any web service, it is easier to target a subset of the available browsers. However, just as we are committed to providing SnapGene across all major desktop operating systems, we took the time to ensure that our maps are interactive when using any modern browser.”

SnapGene Server can be licensed to nonprofit organizations free of charge, and is a paid solution for companies. Organizations interested in licensing SnapGene Server should contact

About GSL Biotech

GSL Biotech was founded by scientists and software designers to meet the everyday needs of molecular biologists. GSL’s SnapGene software ( provides a simple yet powerful way for researchers to plan, visualize, document, and share their everyday molecular biology procedures. Free trials of the software are available from the SnapGene website.

In addition to SnapGene, GSL Biotech offers the free SnapGene Viewer, which includes the key visualization tools of SnapGene and allows researchers to make DNA maps and design primers, as well as SnapGene Server, which allows interactive DNA maps to be displayed in a web browser.

Contact Information

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Vice President of Product Management
GSL Biotech
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