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Changes in version 3.1.3 (May 16, 2016)


  • Enabled copying or making a protein sequence from two selected in-frame features separated by a run-on translation.
  • Implemented various color and textual enhancements.


  • Improved the reliability of updating segment boundaries in the Edit Feature dialog.
    (Reported by Seth Goldman)
  • Fixed an issue where red boxes for mismatches in the previous/following lines were sometimes shown to the left/right of a given line when printing Sequence view with an alignment.
    (Reported by Jon Bradley)
  • Fixed an issue with simulating BP cloning when the attB insert was linearized with a sticky cutter before performing the BP reaction.
    (Reported by Jan-Bernd Funcke)
  • Ensured that Map view properly shows (or does not show) aligned regions if it is viewed after entering (or exiting) alignment mode.
  • Prevented a scrollable list on OS X from taking focus if the mouse wheel is used while the mouse is over the list.
  • Improved the appearance of rounded ovals around feature names in circular maps.
  • Ensured correct name and feature transfer in the New DNA/Protein File dialogs when the paste is performed using the context menu.
  • Fixed registering the custom URL protocol so that SnapGene can open special web links.
  • Ensured that the Preferences dialog on OS X displays the current option for re-showing the launch dialog when all other windows are closed.
  • Prevented the MW suffix from being clipped in tooltips when mousing over ORF letter codes in Sequence view.
  • Prevented the sequence name from overlapping features in circular maps when features are shown on the DNA line.
  • Fixed an issue where regions painted on the protein line were sometimes clipped momentarily when viewing linear protein maps with a hundred or more features.
  • Improved the navigation of mismatches when zoomed into an alignment.
  • Configured Sequence view so that it always uses smooth scrolling to a new position.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented pasting into Office for Mac except by using Paste Special => Unformatted Text.
  • Improved the placement of tooltips for aligned sequences in linear maps.
  • Fixed an issue where a 1-bp feature segment that does not "own" any codons did not have a translation ruler in Sequence view.
  • Ensured that only features that can be shown in their entirety are visible in compact mode of Sequence view.