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Changes in version 4.2.2 (Jul 20, 2018)


  • Made various textual enhancements.
  • Enabled opening of non-native zipped files.
  • Added the ability to designate an open collection as the Main Collection from within the collection interface.
  • Added the option to import files into a specific collection folder.


  • Improved stability when loading some files on Windows.
    (Reported by Chris Horoszkc)
  • Ensured that keyboard shortcuts for switching between alignment algorithms will work even when when focus is on the Description.
  • Enabled mouse wheel scrolling when viewing an alignment on Windows or Linux.
  • Fixed a regression that cleared collection selections when Save/Save All/Save Changes auto-switched from Unsaved to All.
  • Ensured proper display of the file name in the title bar after opening a compressed sequence trace.
  • Updated the names of various New England Biolabs ladders.
    (Requested by an anonymous user)
  • Fixed various issues with activating and using SnapGene for some Windows users.
  • Ensured reliable alignment and saving of sequence traces on some Windows systems.
    (Reported by Y. Hiraoka)
  • Configured the Restriction Enzymes window to appear on top of a sequence window when double-clicking an enzyme in the Choose Enzymes dialog.
    (Reported by Carles Alvarez)
  • Corrected various issues with maintaining and updating item selections in the collection interface.
  • Fixed an issue with removing a combination of files and folders in a collection.
  • Ensured that the "Duplicate in New Window" and "Add to Working Set" buttons will be disabled when an empty folder is selected.
  • Improved the response when selecting a folder with empty child folders.
  • Ensured appropriate clearing of the information at the top of the interface when selecting an empty folder in a collection.