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Changes in version 4.2.4 (Aug 17, 2018)


  • Increased the maximum allowed primer length to 250 bases.
    (Requested by Eduardo Rodenas Martinez)
  • Dramatically sped up opening of large FASTQ files.
    (Requested by Alfonso Valencia)
  • Enhanced the "Make Protein" converter to transfer DNA colors to the protein sequence.
    (Requested by Luca Jovine)
  • Allowed protein_bind features to be bidirectional.
  • Provided the option, when using Folders view in a collection, to rename a selected file or folder by tapping Enter/Return on macOS or F2 on Windows.
  • Enabled import from NCBI of the reverse complement of a range of bases by specifying the right endpoint first.
  • Enhanced the multiple alignment tool to accept sequence traces as input.
  • Ensured that the Find bar and search results remain visible when switching to another sequence file in a collection and then back.
  • Updated the common features database.
  • Updated MAFFT from 7.312 to 7.407.
  • Made various color, textual, and other visual enhancements.


  • Improved network communication on Windows.
    (Reported by F. Javier Piedrafita and others)
  • Fixed an issue where changing the name of a new DNA or protein file after pasting in a GenBank or GenPept sequence resulted in all features being lost.
    (Reported by C. Dustin Rubinstein)
  • Fixed numerous issues with using proper group and decimal separators for European users.
    (Reported by Thomas Reinard)
  • Improved the import of primers copied to the clipboard from programs such as Excel.
    (Requested by Leah Tait and others)
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in content in the Description Panel not being visible or displaying the wrong font.
    (Reported by Peter Nguyen, Pratyush Routray, and Cole Peters)
  • Improved the editing of custom common features.
    (Reported by Shahar Bracha)
  • Improved stability when running SnapGene on a case-sensitive APFS file system.
    (Reported by Jason Eads and Unekwu Yakubu)
  • Improved the decoding of features in Geneious files.
    (Reported by Christine Eyler)
  • Prevented duplicate annotations that could occur when detecting common features.
    (Reported by Wulf-Dirk Leuschner)
  • Prevented false positives when searching a collection by sequence name.
    (Reported by Melissa Stokes)
  • Enabled the pasting into various controls of text that begins with "<" and ends with ">".
    (Reported by Wulf Dirk Leuschner)
  • Modified the feature translation context menu to include a command for adjusting feature translation options rather than generic translation options.
    (Reported by Chris Tipper)
  • Restored the NEB "2-Log DNA Ladder", which is identical to the newly renamed "1 kb Plus DNA Ladder".
    (Requested by multiple confused scientists)
  • Improved stability when running Clustal Omega on some Windows installations.
    (Reported by Yaseen Mamoori)
  • Corrected a regression that resulted in the font size being too large when printing.
    (Reported by Tausif Alam and others)
  • Corrected a regression with copying from SnapGene and pasting into programs such as Excel.
    (Reported by Leah Tait and others)
  • Ensured that the default directory for opening/saving/exporting is shown by default.
  • Improved the opening of RTF-encoded files.
  • Improved the warning system for shared licenses when the application has been idle for an extended period of time.
  • Prevented the selection (or selection bar) from being cleared inappropriately when editing a multiple alignment.
  • Improved stability when deleting residues within a multiple alignment.
  • Ensured that the selection bar is empty when a single row of gaps is selected in a multiple alignment.
  • Ensured that clicking the symbols button consistently pops up a dialog on Windows.
  • Prohibited renaming a folder in a collection to include a forbidden directory separator.
  • Fixed an issue with computing alignments with Clustal Omega, MUSCLE, and T-Coffee on Windows while logged in with a username that contains Unicode characters.
  • Ensured that when a DNA sequence is modified so that the number of feature segments drops to one, the remaining segment name is cleared.
  • Fixed an issue where -'s were shown when line breaking text in some places in the Japanese translation.
  • Improved the computation of sequence-profile alignments with MAFFT.
  • Fixed various issues with renaming a folder in a collection and then maintaining focus or retaining the selection.
  • Improved the behavior when using Find in Features view.
  • Ensured that features are consistently the appropriate height in circular maps.
  • Ensured that an amino acid name is displayed in Sequence view when a codon spans two adjacent translated features.
  • Improved stability when opening certain files.
  • Corrected the "Go To" dialog to show a blinking cursor instead of "1" when first opened.
  • Improved the behavior when creating or choosing a new Main Collection on Windows.
  • Fixed an isolated pliancy issue on macOS with Features and Primers views.
  • Corrected the behavior when Cmd/Ctrl-clicking feature names in Features view.
  • Ensured robust alignments with T-Coffee when the user account has spaces in the username.