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Changes in version 4.2.5 (Sep 19, 2018)

New Functionality

  • Added Accuris DNA Ladders.
    (Requested by Matthias Hamdorf)
  • Added GenDEPOT DNA Ladders.
    (Requested by Joseph Lancman)


  • Added support for batch converting FASTQ files.
    (Requested by Novozymes)
  • Added a check mark in the Enzymes view pull-down menu to indicate when enzymes are sorted by location or distance from the selection.
  • Improved the placement of tooltips for amino acids in translated features.
    (Requested by John Murray)
  • Reduced the minimum allowed primer Tm to 10°C.
    (Requested by Paula Patterson)


  • Ensured that rapid consecutive Return button presses will not cause instability or appearance of multiple copies of a dialog.
    (Reported by Marcy Patrick)
  • Improved the import of primers copied from other programs such as Excel.
    (Reported by Inna Zukher and Nick Martin)
  • Fixed a stability issue when pasting content copied from Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.
    (Reported by Novozymes)
  • Improved the horizontal placement of linear map labels when exporting high-DPI images.
    (Reported by Mily Ron)
  • Ensured that the selection is preserved when duplicating lanes amplified by PCR in the Simulate Agarose Gel dialog.
    (Reported by Carles Alvarez)
  • Prevented triggering of the top left hot corner on macOS when switching to Features or Primers view.
    (Reported by Sadik)
  • Improved the opening of SeqBuilder Pro files.
    (Requested by Christopher Skrodzki, Linas Padegimas, and others)
  • Prevented a hang that occurred in some circumstances when simulating an agarose gel by amplifying fragments with manually specified primers.
    (Reported by Ryan Schulze)
  • Fixed an issue with storing ancestors in the history when simulating a procedure.
    (Reported by Nelson Cole)
  • Ensured that the Gateway LR Cloning dialog always recognizes a valid set of templates for recombination.
    (Reported by Georg Huber)
  • Ensured that "Replace Original with Aligned" works as intended, even with unsaved files.
    (Reported by Lauri Lintott)
  • Configured files in a collection to be marked as unsaved after replacing code numbers.
  • Improved the replacement of feature names in collections.
  • Improved stability when saving an alignment after the Description is modified.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying or editing the Description in a collection overview.
  • Improved auto-population of the registration dialog for IP-based licenses.
  • Ensured the reliable display of custom colors in Sequence view.
  • Enabled the opening of text files with macOS traditional line endings.
  • Prevented the Choose Enzymes dialog from being shown twice when using the pull-down menu in Enzymes view.
  • Fixed an issue with using Enzymes → Choose Enzymes from the Browse Common Features dialog.
  • Ensured that the Close button is enabled in various modal dialogs on Windows.
  • Fixed a recent regression with showing run-on translations in Sequence View.
  • Made various other stability improvements.
  • Configured ancestors that are not embedded and thus not cannot be resurrected to be shown in black rather than blue in History view.
  • Improved the display of closely labeled enzymes, features, and primers in linear maps.
  • Improved performance on Windows when saving changes to files.