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Changes in version 4.2.7 (Dec 3, 2018)

New Functionality

  • Added support for opening Clone Manager .cm5 protein files.
    (Requested by Scott Loiler)
  • Added Nippon Genetics DNA ladders.
    (Requested by Christoph Horst and by BONI)
  • Added Bio-Rad DNA ladders.
    (Requested by Saeed)
  • Added Thermo Fisher's Trackit™ 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder.
  • Added a "Save All" command to the top toolbar "Save" menu while interacting with collections.


  • Improved decoding of FASTA content.
  • Updated the list of default sequence authors.
  • Improved messaging when attempting to delete after placing a cursor in a protein sequence or an aligned sequence.
  • Updated the fragment sizes for NEB's improved 1 Kb Extended DNA Ladder.
    (Reported by Jing Liang)
  • Improved the Align to Reference Sequence algorithm.
    (Reported by Paula Patterson)


  • Improved detection of Gateway sites in sequences containing stretches of N's.
    (Reported by Ben Bulrich)
  • Improved exporting names of features with "<" and ">" characters to GenBank formats.
    (Reported by Wulf-Dirk Leuschner)
  • Fixed a stability issue with editing collection code numbers.
  • Improved decoding of custom numbering in Gene Construction Kit files.
  • Ensured that opened windows use the preferred top toolbar appearance.
    (Reported by Pedro Matos)
  • Improved legibility when Dark Mode is enabled on macOS 10.14 Mojave.
    (A future update will allow SnapGene to adopt a Dark Mode appearance itself.)
  • Enabled double-clicking or right-clicking to open files on Lubuntu Linux.
    (Reported by Sahand Rahi)
  • Improved the behavior when exporting aligned sequences from Align to Reference Sequence mode.
    (Reported by Lauri Lintott)
  • Made the reference sequence bold when printing an alignment to a reference sequence.
  • Improved Enzymes view so that selecting an enzyme in the name column no longer changes the sequence selection.
  • Improved stability when printing maps with long stretches of N's on macOS.
    (Reported by Ben Low)
  • Enbled import of primers from Clone Manager files that contain vertical tab characters.
    (Reported by André Michaelis)
  • Improved consistency when importing protein sequences from NCBI.
  • Fixed a number of issues with choosing and preserving templates while using cloning, gel, primer, and mutagenesis dialogs.
    (Reported by Yan Lu)
  • Improve scrolling to selected files in collection windows.
  • Updated the Addgene importer to recognize the new database output.
  • Improved multiple sequence alignment consensus accuracy.
  • Improved the import of primer lists copied from Excel.
    (Reported by Greg Shackleford)
  • Ensured that the selection in Sequence view's minimap is always blue when the window is active.
  • Fixed various issues when saving documents to non-native file formats (GenBank, FASTA, etc.).
    (Reported by Gert Peters)