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Changes in version 4.3.5 (Mar 21, 2019)

New Functionality

  • Added Ozyme DNA ladders.
    (Requested by Laetitia Attaiech)
  • Added support for the /submitter_seqid qualifier for "source" features.
    (Requested by Novozymes)
  • Added the capability to open and convert Vector NTI® AlignX files (.apr and aprx extensions).


  • Made extensive optimizations that speed responsiveness for certain configurations.
    (Requested by Paula Patterson and others)
  • Sped up the dragging of trimmed ends of aligned sequences when the aligned sequences are viewed as double-stranded DNA.
  • Improved accuracy when computing protein MW values.
    (Requested by Eric Fang)
  • Made various color and textual enhancements.
  • Added a setting under Preferences → File to enable preservation and transfer of "source" features when simulating various types of DNA manipulations.
    (Requested by Novozymes)
  • Enabled import of a listed file by double-clicking when importing online sequences from SnapGene or Addgene.


  • Enabled contig assembly with only two sequences.
    (Reported by Rony Orobio)
  • Fixed an issue with loading alignments that wrap around the numerical origin.
    (Reported by Sofie Aesaert)
  • Ensured proper computation of the number of DNA molecules when using a comma instead of a decimal in the weight value.
    (Reported by Tuisku Suoranta)
  • Enabled the use of various non-native file formats when computing multiple sequence alignments.
    (Reported by Neal Waxman)
  • Fixed an issue with copying information from Microsoft Office and pasting it into feature qualifier fields and other fields.
    (Reported by Mick Chandler)
  • Improved import of files into the Assemble Contigs dialog.
    (Reported by Min-Hyeok Cha)
  • Prevented automatic choice of a nonstandard genetic code when inserting codons into an empty synthetic construct.
  • Ensured correct display of small segments of full-length features in circular maps.
  • Improved the import of reverse directional translated BED and Genome Compiler features.
  • Removed the "Prioritize this feature..." checkbox for protein site and bond features because it had no effect.
  • Improved stability when canceling during import of a Vector NTI database.
  • Enabled BLAST searches when individual sequences are selected in a multiple sequence alignment.
  • Omitted actions that did not apply when viewing various files types in collections.
  • Ensured that the collection folder icon is always correctly set.
  • Improved the "Edit Features" behavior when the DNA feature type is changed, with respect to marking features as translated and ensuring that they have appropriate directionality.
  • Improved focus and selection color when moving sequences aligned to a reference DNA sequence up or down in the list box.
  • Ensured that changes in methylation in an open document propagate to cloning dialogs in which that same document is displayed.
  • Improved the display of restriction fragments in a cloning dialog if an enzyme that is always blocked by methylation is chosen.
  • Improved auto-completion of enzyme names.
  • Fixed an issue with properly identifying the amount of available memory, especially on systems with over 4 Gb of memory.
  • Prevented a rare issue of missed matches that wrap around the numerical origin in extremely small sequences.
  • Improved the behavior of PCR products in the Mutagenesis dialog.
  • Corrected an empty warning message in the Mutagenesis dialog.