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Changes in version 4.3.7 (Apr 18, 2019)

New Functionality

  • Added support for importing Vector NTI® Express databases.
    (Requested by Takashi Watanabe and Kim Williams)
  • Enhanced the import of Vector NTI® Advance databases to retain the folder structure, generate a collection, and use an improved default collection name.


  • Added various MilliporeSigma DNA markers.
    (Requested by Emily Hilbourne)
  • Added a context menu to the blank area of the aligned sequences panel when aligning to a reference DNA sequence.
    (Requested by Tobias Abel)
  • Enabled Enzymes view to be more compressible horizontally.
  • Improved the expected mass calculations in the agarose gel dialog.
  • Improved the look and feel of small-font view tabs in dialogs on macOS.
  • Changed "Sigma-Aldrich" to "MilliporeSigma".
  • Changed "TransBionovo" to "TransGen Biotech".
  • Made other minor textual enhancements.


  • Stabilized embedded aligned sequences when editing the reference DNA sequence and saving.
    (Reported by Jaeyoun Kim)
  • Fixed a regression that could prevent circular topology detection when creating new DNA files.
    (Reported by Will Arnold)
  • Ensured that map labels are always shown.
  • Ensured that the number of selected files in a collection is always shown.
  • Prevented a crash when selecting a profile in the multiple alignment viewer.
  • Fixed an issue in which "?" characters were sometimes shown in gel lanes when no template was loaded.
  • Added missing short fragments for some pBR322 MW markers.
  • Ensured that a space can be entered in a contig name or at the end of a new file name on Windows if the file extension has been manually removed.
  • Ensured that template menus in dialogs always update to reflect the current names of open files.
  • Improved the Vector NTI® Advance database importer to tolerate Unicode characters as well as multiple files with names that differ only in case.
  • Ensured that nonexisting or unmounted remote collections are removed from the "Open Recents" list.
  • Fixed the Collection Overview file total counts to exclude folders.
  • Ensured that a collection does not overwrite another file on a case-insensitive file system when renaming to a name that differs only in case.
  • Improved the opening of older CLC Bio files.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented "Hide Selected Bases" from always working.
  • Ensured that when loading and viewing an alignment with a reference DNA sequence, aligned sequences are always trimmed properly.