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Changes in version 4.3.8 (May 14, 2019)

New Functionality

  • Added a Chinese language option.
  • Enabled "Copy Protein" to work when a DNA selection is not associated with a specific protein sequence.
    (Requested by Ah-Ram Kim)


  • Improved performance of large collections on a network on Windows.
    (Reported by Guillaume Audic)
  • Enhanced the sequence importer to handle text files with lines that end with numbers.
    (Requested by Mary Love Taylor)
  • Improved the behavior and availability of the mismatch navigation controls in the Align to Reference DNA Sequence interface.
    (Requested by Kai Wu)
  • Improved selection and scrolling performance in large collections.
  • Improved the detection of common features within larger lacZα features.
  • Configured collections produced by importing Vector NTI® databases to sort by "File Name" and "Date Created" by default.
  • Mirrored visibility of the Description Panel when switching between DNA and protein files in a collection.
  • Added a message dialog when the Assemble Contigs tool does not generate any contigs.
  • Made various textual enhancements.


  • Ensured that primer names are not duplicated when importing primers from a list or another file.
    (Reported by Tom Folliard)
  • Fixed the import of GFF3 features into circular plasmids.
    (Reported by Catherine Ludden)
  • Fixed an issue in which no matches were found for an enzyme name if spaces were accidentally entered.
  • Added file association registration for the .gcg, .apr, and .aprx file extensions.
  • Ensured that in an imported Vector NTI® Express database, a Date Created entry is not erroneously stated as "Today."
  • Corrected a regression with the display of ORFs in Map view.
  • Corrected a regression that prevented directionality arrows from being present in features when Sequence view is in horizontal scrolling mode.
  • Ensured that "Batch Trim File Histories" is enabled when only one level of history exists.
  • Prevented a situation that could cause ancestral sequences to be duplicated in files.
  • Corrected a regression that altered the display of features in aligned sequences after sequence edits.
  • Ensured that ambiguous bases are represented as N's when performing multiple alignment of sequence trace files.
  • Fixed an issue in which collection folders sometimes incorrectly expanded after addition of files or folders.
  • Improved the summary of imported files when files are added to a collection using the Windows Explorer, the macOS Finder, or the command line.