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Changes in version 4.3.9 (Jun 4, 2019)

New Functionality

  • Enabled collections to support the creation and use of aliases/shortcuts to files.


  • Improved the Vector NTI database importers so that a single primary copy of each sequence is created, with any additional copies in folders being represented by aliases/shortcuts.
    (Requested by customers transitioning from Vector NTI)
  • Made IP-based licenses more flexible and robust.
  • Added a FASTA header when using BLAST for various types of selections.
  • Added DNA ladders from Molecular Biology Products and Rockland.
  • Ensured that the anonymous statistics will recognize macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • Made various textual enhancements.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented opening some Geneious files.
    (Reported by Patrick Wilson)
  • Configured the exporter for GenBank format and other text-based file formats to omit the file extension.
    (Requested by Wulf Dirk Leuschner)
  • Enabled the Assemble Contigs dialog to recognize sequence files that are formatted as plain text without a FASTA header.
    (Reported by Marcin Ura)
  • Improved responsiveness when navigating complex alignments with a reference sequence.
    (Reported by Michael Baughn)
  • Improved the name display for sequences imported from NCBI into a multiple alignment dialog.
    (Requested by Janine Buonato)
  • Improved the visibility of menu controls on Windows.
  • Corrected a problem in which files and folders added to collections did not always become visible within the interface.
  • Resolved a stability issue with collections.
  • Fixed a regression that prevented easy pasting of RNA sequences into the New DNA File dialog.
  • Prevented expansion of subfolders after converting a Vector NTI® database to a collection.
  • Improved margins in the Choose Enzymes dialog on Windows.
  • Corrected display of the agarose percentages on Windows for the expanded menu in the Simulate Agarose Gel dialog.
  • Enabled the Edit > Delete menu items when gap characters are selected in a multiple alignment window.
  • Ensured that the Date columns in a collection will stretch appropriately in List view when the entries are long.
  • Prevented the brief appearance of console windows on Windows when creating new collections, e.g., when converting Vector NTI® .cep files.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a collection folder from displaying the correct icon on Windows.