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Changes in version 5.0.5 (Nov 15, 2019)


  • Dramatically sped up importing primers from large lists.
  • Added the ability to mark matching/mismatching bases with dots in multiple DNA sequence alignments.
    (Requested by Syngenta)
  • Made the controls for visibility of aligned sequences less disconcerting.
    (Requested by several customers)
  • Reduced the number of options presented when exporting sequence traces to list only the relevant formats.


  • Ensured consistent printing of sequence logos in multiple DNA sequence alignments.
    (Reported by Neil Cooch)
  • Enhanced collections to move incorrectly categorized DNA and protein files that have been added to collections using Windows Explorer or macOS Finder.
    (Reported by Charles Lee)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented renaming collection folders on Windows.
    (Reported by Sergey Smirnov)
  • Ensured full display of feature qualifiers in the Edit Feature dialog.
    (Reported by Mick Chandler)
  • Improved the importer behavior for certain ApE, GenBank, SwissProt, and EMBL files.
    (Reported by Anne-Sophie Stolle)
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in too many DNA characters being shown in Sequence view on Windows computers that have high-DPI displays.
    (Reported by Zach Parker)
  • Decreased battery usage by using the integrated instead of discrete graphics card on portable Macintosh computers.
    (Reported by Amin Mahpour on Twitter)
  • Improved stability when saving large GenBank files on Windows.
    (Reported by Konstantin Levay and Chun Han)
  • Added DY380, EL250, EL350, SW102, SW105 and SW106 bacterial transformation strains.
    (Requested by Dale Cowley)
  • Ensured consistent display of all mismatches in aligned sequences when viewing a linear map.
    (Reported by Gregory Shackleford)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented importing all primers from lists when unusual characters are present in the list file.
    (Reported by Fritz Benseler and Sigrun Feldmann)
  • Improved the reliability of network-based licenses.
  • Removed the obsolete "Align Full Sequences" command from the "Align to Reference DNA Sequences" submenu.
  • Improved stability when showing information about new SnapGene versions.
  • Improved pliancy for links in rich edits.
  • Improved stability when undoing edits within the Description Panel.
  • Improved alignment interface margins and spacing on Windows.
  • Resolved an issue with properly showing selections and focus when returning to a SnapGene window.
  • Ensured that amino acids associated with mismatches are always shown in red when viewing alignments to a reference sequence.
  • Enabled duplication of mirrored files in a collection.
  • Improved selection colors for selected features and primers.
  • Improved stability when using "New File from Selection" in large files.
  • Improved import from text formats that use unusual character encodings.
  • Disabled the "Preserve original numbering" option when creating a new file from a selection that wraps around the numerical origin.
  • Improved cursor placement and the selection bar message after deleting leading bases.
  • Updated the selection bar to display the correct position of a cursor or selection after adjusting the numerical origin of a linear sequence.
  • Improved stability when importing large sequences from NCBI and opening large files on Windows.
  • Added a missing file extension when saving downloaded files after using "Import NCBI Sequences".