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Changes in version 7.0.2 (Jul 27, 2023)


    • Reduced the size of icons in the top toolbar by default
    • Improved look and feel of tabs in search dialog
    • Improved find dialog drop shadow


    • Fixed a bug that resulted in files and folders that with non-latin characters sometimes appearing not writable when in fact they are.
    • Fixed a bug where dragging out a selection in map view would stop working after passing over an annotation
    • Fixed issues with adjusting segment ranges for split features
    • Fixed selecting mirror files created by previously importing a Vector NTI database
    • Fixed opening some SeqBuilder files
    • Fixed importing Geneious files that contain a mixture of sequence types
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the sequence typology in the New File dialog
    • Fixed a crash when opening some non-native (e.g. GenBank) files
    • Improve stability when working with collections
    • Improved stability when popping a stand-alone window back into a tab
    • Various other stability fixes
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in the undo, redo, cut, copy and paste menu actions incorrectly being disabled when using the New File dialog
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented switching tabs using keyboard shortcuts
    • Fixed detecting if restriction sites at the numerical origin is methylation sensitive
    • Fixed displaying quality data in FASTQ files
    • Fixed a bug where residues in ssRNA secondary structures were not numbered consistent with the sequence numbering
    • Editing search query no longer triggers a new search unless the change leads to a logical change to the search query
    • Improved layout and scrolling of content in the search dialog
    • Support top toolbar menu actions for all file types
    • Restore the visible state (shown or hidden) of the top toolbar
    • When popping tabs out respect the "Open windows full screen by default" preference
    • Fix opening a collection when double-clicking an "Open this collection" file in the folder panel
    • Fix various minor visual glitches with the search dialog
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in text being clipped or ellided when using the Japanese translation
    • Fixed a bug that prevented a number of messages from being translated to Chinese or Japanese
    • Fixed a bug that prevented pasting into the search dialog query when viewing a chromatogram or an agarose gel
    • Fixed a bug where buttons could continue to be appear to be moused over after the mouse moves away
    • Files imported into an agarose gel or an alignment are now listed in the same order as in the folder view
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented making selections on older macOS versions by disabling hiding the top toolbar
    • Ensure existing files with the same name are not overwritten when performing a contig assembly
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented selecting the relevant amplified fragment when clicking a primer binding sites while viewing an agarose gel
    • Fixed a bug that prevented showing file icons for selected non-native files in the folder panel