Simulate In-Fusion Cloning

Learn how SnapGene can simulate Takara’s In-Fusion cloning to insert one or more DNA fragments into a plasmid.

In-Fusion Cloning

Takara’s In-Fusion® cloning is a remarkably versatile method for creating seamless gene fusions. SnapGene was the first software to simulate this procedure.

In-Fusion Cloning

For the In-Fusion reaction, a linearized vector is mixed with one or more PCR products that have overlapping ends.

SnapGene simplifies In-Fusion cloning by automating the primer design. To plan an In-Fusion reaction, just select the DNA fragments that you wish to fuse, and SnapGene will choose suitable primers.

In-Fusion Cloning in SnapGene full interface

How to Simulate In-Fusion Cloning in SnapGene

Learn how SnapGene can simulate In-Fusion cloning to insert one or more DNA fragments into a plasmid.

Watch how to simulate Takara's In-Fusion Cloning with a single fragment in SnapGene.

In-Fusion Cloning with Multiple Inserts

Learn how to simulate in-fusion cloning with multiple inserts by following this step-by-step tutorial.
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