Software for everyday molecular biology
Don't you wish you could …
  • easily plan and simulate your DNA manipulations?
  • visualize ORFs, reading frames, and primer binding sites?
  • automatically record the steps in a cloning project?
  • share annotated sequence files with other researchers?

… now you can. SnapGene makes it simple.

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What People Are Saying
SnapGene is awesome. It is straightforward enough to start using right away, yet rich with sophisticated features that cover all of my cloning needs. I use SnapGene to plan every project. SnapGene is also great for teaching people how to clone. The history feature (my favorite) keeps track of each step, and any construct I get from colleagues comes complete with details of how it was made. Without question, SnapGene has saved my coworkers and me time, effort and reagents. I recommend this software to anyone who clones DNA.
D. Strongin
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

SnapGene offers the fastest and easiest way to plan, visualize, and document your molecular biology procedures.

Priced accessibly so that everyone in your lab can have a license.

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SnapGene Viewer is a versatile tool for creating and sharing richly annotated sequence files. It opens many common file formats.

Free! Because there should be no barriers to seeing your data.

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