March 12, 2015

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With SnapGene, cloning is no longer work, it's a hobby. This is a must for everyone. I'm gonna teach my 2 yr old daughter how to use SnapGene. Pure awesome!
M. Redillas
Seoul National University

GSL Biotech Offers Complimentary SnapGene Subscriptions to 2015 iGEM Teams

iGEM Teams Produce Innovative Research with SnapGene’s Help

Chicago, IL – March 12

GSL Biotech announced today that the company will sponsor iGEM teams for the third year in a row with complimentary access to company’s molecular biology software product SnapGene. More than two hundred teams worldwide compete every year in iGEM, a leading undergraduate Synthetic Biology competition. Aline Glick, VP of Product Management at GSL Biotech remarked, “We have been proud to follow the progress of the teams we sponsored in 2013 and 2014, and are thrilled to be able to continue to support the work of young scientists through the 2015 iGEM competition.”

In 2014, GSL Biotech sponsored twenty-three teams with complimentary SnapGene subscriptions. The teams distinguished themselves at the Giant Jamboree with innovative research and awards. Twenty-one of the teams placed, with eleven gold medals, four silver medals, and six bronze medals, as follows:

ConcordiaSilver medal
CornellGold medal
TU EindhovenGold medal and “Best New Application Project,” Undergrad
EPF LausanneGold medal
ETH ZurichGold medal and “Best Model,” Overgrad
Georgia StateBronze medal
GoettingenBronze medal
MarburgGold medal
OxfordGold medal
ReadingBronze medal
TuebingenBronze medal
TuftsGold medal
TU DarmstadtGold medal; Second Grand Prize Runner Up, Overgrad;
and “Best New Basic Part,” Overgrad
TU Delft-LeidenGold medal, “Best Microfluids Project”
UChicagoBronze medal
uOttawaSilver medal
UCLGold medal
USyd-AustraliaBronze medal
WageningenGold medal; First Grand Prize Runner Up, Overgrad;
“Best Food & Nutrition Project”
WashU StLouisSilver medal
York iGEMSilver medal

The teams were enthusiastic about the value that SnapGene brought to their projects. Sven Bitters of the Tuebingen team said, “We handled 12 different constructs in 3 different plasmids and that would have been impossible without SnapGene. Our cloning was easily planned through before anyone even touched a pipette. Long before last year’s sponsoring expired the first order of business for next year’s team was clear: Getting new SnapGene licences! Can’t imagine cloning without it.”

Eric Holmes of the Cornell team said, “SnapGene is an invaluable tool for the Cornell iGEM team. When working with many modular DNA parts, SnapGene's construction and cloning tools help ensure that our project planning is sound. SnapGene's user-friendly design has also greatly helped the team with training of new members, helping them visualize the DNA cloning process and primer design.”

About GSL Biotech

GSL Biotech was founded by scientists and software designers to meet the everyday needs of molecular biologists. GSL's SnapGene software ( provides a simple yet powerful way for researchers to plan, visualize, document, and share their everyday molecular biology procedures. Free trials of the software are available from the SnapGene website.

In addition to the fully functional paid product, GSL Biotech offers the free SnapGene Viewer, which includes the key visualization tools of SnapGene, and allows researchers to make DNA maps and design primers. The annotated sequence files can be shared with colleagues or customers.

2015 iGEM teams interested in receiving sponsorship from GSL Biotech in the form of complimentary access to SnapGene should contact the company.

Contact Information

GSL Biotech
Aline Glick
Vice President of Product Management
GSL Biotech
Tel: 773.966.4599

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