File Compatibility

Vector NTI®

 SnapGene and  SnapGene Viewer can read .gb and .ma4 files created by Vector NTI®, and can import primers from .oa4 oligo archives. Shown below is an example of a Vector NTI® file viewed with the original program and with SnapGene. In addition, SnapGene can import DNA and primer sequences from Vector NTI® databases. The parent-descendant relationships from a Vector NTIĀ® database are visible in SnapGene using History view.

To try it for yourself, download the free SnapGene Viewer:
SnapGene Viewer 4.2.9
for macOS (37 MB)
SnapGene Viewer 4.2.9
for Windows (28 MB)
A Vector NTI® file viewed with Vector NTI®:
The same Vector NTI® file viewed with SnapGene:
Parent-descendant relationships retrieved from a Vector NTIĀ® database:

If you have trouble opening a Vector NTI® file with SnapGene or SnapGene Viewer, please send us a message and attach the file.

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