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System Requirements
OS Windows 7 or later
macOS 10.10 or later
Fedora Linux 21 or later
Red Hat Linux 7.2 or later
Ubuntu Linux 14.04 or later
Memory1 GB RAM
Hard Disk250 MB available disk space
Display1024 x 768 or higher resolution

Changes in version 3.0 (Dec 21, 2015)

New Functionality

  • Support for standalone protein sequence files, including conversion from translated DNA features to protein sequences. SnapGene can now open the following protein file formats: DNADynamo, DNASTAR (EditSeq, SeqBuilder) DNA Strider FASTA, GenBank/GenPept MacVector Vector NTI (pa4, pro, and VNTI database)
  • Japanese language option for the entire interface.
  • Native Linux support.
  • Highlighting of matches for searches in both the view and the relevant scroll bar.
  • Opening of previously generated alignments in SnapGene Viewer.
  • Support for the following GenBank feature types:
  • Support for the following GenBank feature qualifiers:
  • New "Export Selected Protein" command.
  • New "Analyze Selected Primer(s)" command in the Primers menu, for direction to IDT’s OligoAnalyzer website.
  • New "Symbols and Abbreviations" window, accessible from the Help menu.


  • Improved zooming into selected features and primers when no DNA selection is present.
    (Suggested by Sudheendra Rao)
  • Configured the default behavior to open documents and windows on the primary display, or if other windows have been opened, on the last display that was used.
    (Requested by John)
  • Added the ability to detect common features in inserted sequences.
    (Suggested by Tian Chi)
  • Modified the Add|Import|Detect Features|Primers dialogs to remember the last column used for sorting.
    (Suggested by John Hawkins)
  • Modified the Import Primer from a List dialog to choose by default the last list used.
    (Suggested by John Hawkins)
  • Enabled drag and drop for opening files in the launch dialog, or loading files in an action dialog, or aligning sequences with the alignment list box.
  • Enabled export of all primer data if no primers are selected.
  • Enhanced export of primer data to include options for primer length, % GC, and MW.
  • Improved the default name used by the New File from Selection dialog in many contexts.
  • Added tooltips to the type and qualifier controls in the feature dialogs.
  • Improved the detection of regulatory features.
  • Improved topology detection when using the New DNA File dialog.
  • Improved sequence trace quality estimation.
  • Turned off the default prioritization for display of newly created features.
  • Improved the default phosphorylation of newly created sequences.
  • Improved the detection of common features by their protein translation in situations where the first or last amino acid may not be present in a relevant match.
  • Enabled copying of the translation of two or more consecutive segments in a feature, even if the segments are separated by an intron.
  • Enabled the simultaneous editing of the display priority for multiple features at a time.
  • Added recognition for Spacebar as a command to page down in all views.
  • Enhanced the topology indicator to bring up the Circularize or Linearize dialog.
  • Added a "User Guide" link to the Help menu.
  • Implemented numerous optimizations and textual enhancements.


  • Improved the display of aligned sequences that have long names containing carriage returns.
    (Reported by Itai Toker)
  • Ensured that the "Circularize" command will work after amplifying a fragment that began at the numerical origin.
    (Reported by Jordan Ang)
  • Prevented an occasional issue in which multiple copies of a feature were annotated when detecting common features.
    (Reported by Leonid)
  • Enhanced the Gateway simulator to record custom names of Entry clones in the history.
    (Reported by Andreas Brodehl)
  • Ensured that qualifiers are displayed properly when printing Features and Primers views.
    (Reported by Gabriele Kleiner)
  • Improved the MacVector importer to decode all features as features rather than colored ranges, and to decode qualifiers and feature names more reliably.
    (Reported by Brandon Paul Weasner)
  • Improved the alignment algorithm to reduce the likelihood of displaying an unwanted alignment with a large gap.
    (Reported by Wulf Dirk and Megha Rajendran)
  • Removed an outdated note about DTT from the enzyme description for BsmBI.
    (Reported by Veadi Tliad)
  • Fixed issues with printing agarose gels on Windows.
    (Reported by Wulf Dirk)
  • Prevented an occasional issue in which spin boxes would be gray rather than showing the current value.
    (Reported by John Murray)
  • Enabled SnapGene to tolerate and ignore dashes when opening FASTA files.
    (Reported by Michael Jepperson)
  • Substituted estimated quality data for nonsensical embedded quality data that is present in some otherwise valid sequence trace files, and enabled alignment of those sequence traces.
    (Reported by Shoma Tsubota)
  • Fixed an issue where empty lines with tabs or spaces resulted in an erronous message being displayed when importing primers from a list.
    (Reported by Hugo de Jonge)
  • Fixed various alignment issues.
    (Reported by Leslie Bembinster and Mily Ron)
  • Fixed an issue where the bases in sequence view could jump around when using a Windows computers with multiple screens.
    (Reported by Warren Wakarchuk and Janel Lape)
  • Fixed a issue where Copy or Copy Translation did not work after closing another document.
  • Corrected a minor issue that could arise if a large double stranded selection included 5' or 3' overhangs on both the upstream and downstream ends of the sequence, resulting in the wrong length being reported when requesting confirmation before removing the selected DNA.
  • Improved the display of sticky ends in Map view.
  • Enabled Undo/Redo and Copy commands while using the Edit DNA Ends dialog.
  • Improved the vertical placement of feature tooltips in linear maps when mousing over feature names placed above the strand.
  • Fixed a few search issues that could arise occasionally.
  • Improved the import of primers from a list to recognize the 5' phosphorylation state and no longer include this item in the primer description.
  • Relaxed the format restrictions for accession numbers when importing from GenBank.
  • Fixed an issue where features with no color were displayed poorly in circular maps when feature labels were togged off.
  • Prevented "Set DNA Color" from being enabled in read-only contexts such as cloning dialogs.
  • Improved the behavior of the "Insert Symbol" window on Mac OS X.
  • Ensured logical updating of feature numbering after checking "Consecutive for all segments" in the Feature Translation Options dialog.
  • Prevented the unnecessary display of bent connector lines for some enzyme, feature, and primer names placed outside of circular maps.
  • Ensured that the default author is used for files pasted into the New DNA File dialog even if the copied content is in FASTA, GenBank, or another rich format.
  • Prevented the occasional placement of feature names too close to each other in circular maps.
  • Restored the display of a yellow box indicating that one or more features could not be shown in a circular map.
  • Fixed an issue with the default name when pasting FASTA content into the New DNA File dialog.
  • Prevented a rare search failure for protein searches in run-on feature translations that wrap around the numerical origin and never hit a stop codon or another feature.
  • Fixed an issue with the default set of ladders and default ladder.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of matches for an exact degenerate query (e.g. "N") was not always shown even when the # of matches was not exceedingly large.

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