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System Requirements
OS Windows 7 or later
macOS 10.8 or later
Ubuntu Linux 14.04 or later
Fedora Linux 21 or later
Memory1 GB RAM
Hard Disk250 MB available disk space
Display1024 x 768 or higher resolution

Changes in version 3.1 (Mar 9, 2016)

New Functionality

  • A compact Sequence view mode.
  • Option to display features on the DNA map line.
  • Support for NEBuilder® HiFi DNA Assembly.
    (Requested by Benjamin Spreng, Qiyu Zhang, and Monika Dieterle)
  • Ability to regenerate individual restriction sites in the vector when designing primers for Gibson Assembly® and In-Fusion® cloning.
    (Requested by John Murray)
  • Importer for DS Gene files.
    (Requested by Marie-Ève Bouthot)
  • Importer for GeneTool files.
    (Requested by Wolfgang Strobel)


  • Enabled Gibson Assembly® of linear fragments to generate a circular product.
    (Requested by Guy Mikawa)
  • Added Lucigen DNA ladders.
    (Requested by Ron Godiska)
  • Added pcDNA3.2/capTEV-NT/V5-DEST and pcDNA3.2/capTEV-CT/V5-DEST Gateway® Destination vectors.
    (Requested by Maria Landrock)
  • Ensured that SnapGene is offered as an option in the "Open With" context menu on Windows.
    (Requested by Philipp Glock)
  • Added a draggable splitter to the list in the Browse Common Features dialog.
    (Requested by Wulf Dirk Leuschner)
  • Added a check box to the Browse Common Features dialog to make it easier to enable detecting a translated feature by its protein sequence.
    (Requested by Wulf Dirk Leuschner and Mathias Mahn)
  • Added a keyboard shortcut for "Copy Protein”.
    (Requested by Scott James)
  • Configured the "Set DNA/Protein Color" dialogs to remember the most recently used color and strands.
    (Requested by Seth Goldman)
  • Added a check so that if a newly created feature will not be shown in the circular map without prioritization, SnapGene offers to prioritize it.
  • Improved how multiple adjacent copies of the same feature are labeled in maps.
  • Ensured that if enzymes and primers (DNA) or regions (Protein) are toggled off, the locations/numbers button in the side toolbar is disabled.
  • Added a "Trim Selected Region" command to the context menu when right clicking aligned sequences in Sequence view.
  • Added the Cmd+Backspace shortcut on OS X for discarding unsaved changes.
  • Added "lncRNA" and "ribozyme" to the list of predefined /ncRNA_class qualifier values.
  • Added "Gen9" to the list of sequence authors.
  • Sped up scrolling in Sequence view while the minimap is visible.
  • Sped up loading and displaying circular maps in action dialogs.
  • Enhanced the Import from GenBank dialog to support importing the antisense strand by using the "complement" keyword.
  • Implemented various color, textual, and alignment enhancements and other optimizations.


  • Removed a duplicate "Enter/Exit Full Screen" command from the View menu on OS X 10.11.
  • Fixed an unlikely issue that could result in truncating some Jellyfish, Visual Cloning, and DNADynamo files.
  • Fixed an issue where custom primers for PCR were not migrated to the amplified product if their names were edited by copying and pasting.
    (Reported by Michael @ Novozymes)
  • Enabled the detection of attB1.1 and attB2.1 Gateway® cloning sites.
    (Reported by Max Schnepf)
  • Ensured that newly saved files use default attributes for the directory in which they are saved on Windows.
    (Reported by Brian Ayre)
  • Improved the display for a reverse directional primer with a 5' tail extending beyond the end of the sequence when using horizontal scrolling.
    (Reported by Hugo de Jonge)
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong tab was sometimes shown when clicking a link to pull up the relevant setting in the Preferences dialog.
    (Reported by Wulf Dirk Leuschner)
  • Improved the agarose gel display when using a Japanese translation.
    (Reported by Yusuke Miyanari)
  • Enabled the import of protein sequences with accession numbers for PDB structures.
    (Reported by Jim Meador)
  • Enhanced the EMBL file importer to recognize files exported from Vector NTI.
    (Reported by Markiyan)
  • Fixed an issue with displaying enzyme, feature, and primer labels on the right side of some circular maps.
    (Reported by John Murray)
  • Fixed an issue where the number of mismatches in an alignment was sometimes printed incorrectly.
    (Reported by Gabriele Kleiner)
  • Fixed issues with exporting dates in EMBL/GenBank format.
  • Prevented invalid characters from being included before sequence data when opening EMBL or GenBank files that include a comment on the ORIGIN line.
  • Improved decoding of the code number when opening EMBL files.
  • Enhanced the GenBank importer to tolerate "pb" as the unit length in the LOCUS line.
  • Enhanced the GenBank importer to ignore empty fields marked with the “/“ character.
  • Embedded application information and a manifest for Windows, and code signed all .exe and .dll files.
  • Configured the label controls in the side toolbar and Map & Sequence Options dialog to be disabled if features/regions are toggled off.
  • Fixed an issue where the DNA tab of the Preferences dialog would not list newly saved custom enzyme sets while the dialog was open.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a hang.
  • Removed Pyl, Sec, and Xle from the “Insert Codon” controls in the Add/Edit Primer dialogs, and added TAA (Ochre), TAG (Amber), and TGA (Opal) to the list of possible codons when inserting Xaa.
  • Fixed issues with showing the genetic code in the Add/Edit Feature dialogs and Features view when Ochre, Amber, or Opal were used.
  • Improved feature and ORF tooltip placement when the tooltip could not be shown in the preferred location outside a circular map.
  • Ensured that regions of overlap are properly highlighted in black in History view for fragments that are flipped while performing Gibson Assembly® or In-Fusion® cloning.
  • Ensured that after simulating Gibson Assembly® or In-Fusion® cloning, portions of fragments or the vector that were trimmed away are highlighted in white in History view.
  • Fixed issues with opening DNADynamo and Jellyfish protein files.
  • Improved the display of certain feature labels above a linear map.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented software update from working for SnapGene Viewer on Mac OS X. -Fixed an issue with detecting "misc_RNA" and other feature types for which a single nucleotide can be omitted from either end.
  • Fixed an issue where "Nonstandard genetic code" was unnecessarily displayed in the "Edit Feature" dialog after making a feature from an aligned sequence.

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