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System Requirements
OS Windows 7 or later
macOS 10.10 or later
Fedora Linux 21 or later
Red Hat Linux 7.2 or later
Ubuntu Linux 14.04 or later
Memory1 GB RAM
Hard Disk250 MB available disk space
Display1024 x 768 or higher resolution

Changes in version 3.1.1 (Mar 17, 2016)


  • Added "Zymo 5α" and "Zymo 10B" transformation strains.
    (Requested by Alex)


  • Improved stability when resetting lanes in the Simulate Agarose Gel dialog while viewing a circular map.
    (Reported by Melissa Stokes)
  • Ensured correct behavior for "Export Selected Protein" on Windows.
    (Reported by Ryan Rodriguez)
  • Fixed an issue with the default filename when pasting a copied range into the New DNA/Protein File dialogs when spaces are used to separate long numbers.
    (Reported by Leonid Valentovich)
  • Improved stability when deleting features or primers while viewing a circular map.
    (Reported by Wulf Dirk)
  • Made various improvements in the display of external feature names in linear maps.
    (Reported by Hao-Ming Chang)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented opening some files in very rare situations.
    (Reported by Mary Bosserman)
  • Improved stability while interacting with Map view.
  • Fixed an issue where the “3-letter codes" button was disabled while viewing a protein sequence in compact mode.
  • Fixed an issue where a feature’s /calculated_mol_wt qualifier was incorrect when opening GenPept and other non-SnapGene files.

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