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System Requirements
OS Windows 7 or later
macOS 10.10 or later
Fedora Linux 21 or later
Red Hat Linux 7.2 or later
Ubuntu Linux 14.04 or later
Memory1 GB RAM
Hard Disk250 MB available disk space
Display1024 x 768 or higher resolution

Changes in version 4.1 (Nov 7, 2017)

New Functionality

  • Enhanced collections to support a folder view of the files.
  • Added support for formatting and updating code numbers for sequences stored in collections.
  • Provided the option of marking sequences in a collection as part of a "Working Set" that can be easily viewed and manipulated.
  • Added the ability to drag files from a collection in order to (a) copy them to another location or collection, (b) move them to the Trash, or (c) attach them to an email message.
  • Added an undoable "Trim History Tree" command to the pull-down menu at the top right of History view.
  • Added a "Batch Trim File Histories" command to the File menu.
    (Requested by Dan Piraner)
  • Added a new preference for automatically trimming the history of a sequence.
    (Suggested by Dan Piraner)
  • Added the ability to choose enzymes that are palindromic, uninterrupted
    (no internal N's), or nondegenerate (A, C, G, and T only) to the Choose Enzymes dialog.
    (Requested by Vadim Timerbaev)
  • Added the option to import only primers that have a unique binding site.
    (Requested by an anonymous customer)
  • Added absorbance values to the Properties tab for protein sequence files.
    (Requested by Genevieve Labbe)
  • Added an "Import from Another File" button to the "Edit References" dialog.
    (Suggested by Karl Brune)
  • Added "Date Created" as a sortable field when viewing a collection.
    (Requested by Seth Goldman)
  • Enabled drag and drop of entire folders into a collection, and added an "Import Folders into Collection" command.
  • Added a context menu to the Browse Common Features dialog's list to enable editing or removing a feature, adding or removing a feature from the Favorites list, or opening a feature in a new window.
  • Added a "Duplicate in New Window" button to the Browse Common Features dialog.
  • Added the ability to order constructs directly from Synbio Technologies.


  • Added support for multiple copies of the following qualifiers: allele, cell_line, cell_type, citation, clone, clone_lib, cultivar, dev_stage, experiment, function, host, isolate, lab_host, map, note, operon, PCR_conditions, phenotype, pop_variant, product, standard_name, strain, sub_clone, sub_strain, tissue_lib, tissue_type.
    (Requested by Novozymes)
  • Added an option in Preferences for hiding the dashed line tick marks in sequence traces.
    (Requested by Raffaele Fiorenza)
  • Reduced the minimum primer length for simulating mutagenesis.
    (Requested by Sriram Vijayraghavan)
  • Improved the import of multiple files of varying types into a collection.
    (Requested by Dan Kraut)
  • Added history colors for "Splice to Remove Introns".
  • Enhanced History view to display annealed oligo names.
  • Enhanced the Addgene importer so that when only a partial sequence is available, the topology is shown as linear, unless the backbone size is available, in which case a circular sequence padded with N's is shown.
  • Added the option of either preserving or updating the Date Added attribute when a file in collection is replaced by importing a new copy.
  • Ensured that after a common feature is edited, the list scrolls to show the edited feature if its name was modified.
  • Added "Swiss-Prot" to the list of formats offered when using Batch Convert File Format.
  • Made flipping a sequence trace an undoable action.
  • Added the option of requiring an exact match when replacing a feature name, primer name, or sequence author for sequences in a collection.
  • Added "Find Protein Sequence" and "Find Enzyme / Feature / Primer" commands to the Edit menu, by creating a cascading "Find" menu that improves discoverability.
  • Removed the compact format button from the side toolbar in the Anneal Oligos dialog because it provided minimal utility.
  • Added a warning to help prevent accidental pasting of a copied DNA sequence into the protein search controls.
  • Enhanced the Edit Feature dialog so that when using "Create Feature Segment", the list scrolls if necessary to make the created segment visible.
  • Added support for "Make Protein" from within the Browse Common Features dialog.
  • Added an alert when using a file with over 25 levels of ancestors, to indicate that simulations may be slow unless the history is trimmed.
  • Added a draggable splitter to the DNA feature dialogs to allow more space to view qualifier or segment information.
  • Added support for "New File From Selection" to the Simulate Agarose Gel dialog.
  • Made various optimizations.
  • Enhanced the color, alignment, and look and feel of buttons and other interface elements.
  • Reduced Linux download size.


  • Enhanced the GenBank importer to make better use of the SOURCE field.
    (Requested by Novozymes)
  • Enabled the import of malformed GenBank files that lack a LOCUS line.
    (Reported by Yoshihisa Oda)
  • Enhanced the reliability of the DNASTAR SeqBuilder and EditSeq importers.
    (Reported by Kensuke Kataoka and Alex Justen)
  • Improved the reliability of recognizing the default genetic code when opening DNASTAR SeqBuilder files.
    (Reported by Kensuke Kataoka)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented import of some Geneious files.
    (Reported by Karl)
  • Fixed an issue with decoding GenBank files saved by ApE where N's were encoded as *'s.
    (Reported by Bianca Nijmeijer)
  • Fixed an issue where remote recent files were sometimes not listed after quitting and starting the program.
    (Reported by Dr Fanny Passot)
  • Fixed an issue with importing some records from NCBI.
    (Reported by Thomas Folliard)
  • Improved the reliability of Undo/Redo after saving.
    (Reported by Leonid Valentovich)
  • Enabled the Copy command in the Save/Save As dialogs, while disabling other irrelevant menu commands.
    (Reported by David Scalzo)
  • Enabled use of the Copy keyboard shortcut from within the DNA feature dialogs.
    (Reported by Juan Antonio Raygoza Garay)
  • Fixed an issue with importing some sequences from Addgene.
    (Reported by Alexandra Iouranova)
  • Ensured that Sassafras-based installations will not consume a second license if a second copy of SnapGene is launched on the same computer.
  • Improved feature selection behavior so that when two overlapping features are selected, the union of the two feature sequences is selected.
  • Fixed the following unreliable shortcuts in cascading menus on macOS: File → Import → NCBI Sequence (Cmd+Shift+O) Edit → Copy Bottom Strand → 5'to 3' (Cmd+Shift+C)  Edit → Find → [Various]  View → Toolbars → Toggle [Top | Side] Toolbar  All Commercial (Cmd+Shift+Opt+A)  Nonredundant Commercial (Cmd+Opt+A)  Unique Cutters (Cmd+Opt+1)  Unique & Dual Cutters (Cmd+Opt+2)  6+ Cuters (Cmd+Opt+6)  Unique 6+ Cutters (Cmd+Opt+7)  Actions → Restriction Cloning → Insert One (Cmd+Opt+I)  Actions → OE PCR → Overlap Two (Cmd+Shift+D)  Tools → Align → Various
  • Fixed a number of memory leaks.
  • Made various stability improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Save Changes" button was not always enabled when one or more files was selected while viewing "Unsaved" files.
  • Fixed an issue where history view did not clear when multiple files in a collection were selected.
  • Improved the process of assigning files imported into a collection to the correct area of the collection.
  • Fixed an issue with sorting collection files by date.
  • Fixed the macOS shortcut (Cmd+Backspace) discarding unsaved changes in Collections.
  • Fixed the macOS shortcut (Cmd+Backspace) closing a document without updating.
  • Edit → Select All and Edit → Invert Selection can now be used to select files in collections.
  • Ensured that feature directionality is preserved when exporting to GenBank format and re-importing.
  • Enabled the import of large Geneious files.
  • Disabled menu commands that should not be available in manipulation dialogs.
  • Removed nonfunctional SCF / ZTR / FASTQ options from the Batch Convert File Format dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where Edit → Find Protein Sequence could sometimes show the "Find Feature" controls instead while viewing a protein sequence.
  • Prevented a blue line from appearing inappropriately when clicking on the upper ruler in Sequence view.
  • Enabled the launch dialog to be closed on macOS even when it is configured to appear when all windows have been closed.
  • Modified the window announcing a new SnapGene version so that it no longer requires an immediate decision about updating.
  • Ensured that "Show Selected Features" and "Hide Selected Features" are properly enabled when interacting with protein sequences.
  • Fixed an issue where when importing multiple files into a collection, files could sometimes be shown in the wrong category.

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