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System Requirements
OS Windows 7 or later
macOS 10.10 or later
Fedora Linux 21 or later
Red Hat Linux 7.2 or later
Ubuntu Linux 14.04 or later
Memory1 GB RAM
Hard Disk250 MB available disk space
Display1024 x 768 or higher resolution

Changes in version 4.2.3 (Jul 25, 2018)

New Functionality

  • Added ELPIS BIOTECH MW markers.


  • Improved the default presentation of the collection search interface.
  • Made various textual enhancements.
  • Enhanced a dialog to allow specification of the file name when saving to a collection.
    (Requested by Carles Alvarez)
  • Enabled renaming of a selected folder in a collection by clicking the folder name that is now shown above the sequence display.
  • Added a "Set as Main Collection..." command to the collection interface.


  • Fixed issues with opening, saving, and aligning sequences traces on Windows when the file or the username has Unicode characters.
    (Reported by Inessa, Jinyeong Cheon, Yuichi Hiraoka, and Mituyasu)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented using SnapGene with accounts on Windows that have Unicode characters in the username.
    (Reported by Shoma, Mayumi Motoki, Jaeyoun Kim, and Maki Masatoshi)
  • Corrected a regression with opening Geneious files.
    (Reported by Do Soon Kim and Tiago Donatelli Serafim)
  • Improved the reliability of accessing LabArchives accounts.
    (Reported by Marion Johnson)
  • Fixed issues with saving to LabArchives with accounts on Windows that have Unicode characters in the username.
  • Corrected a regression with selecting in the right end of a DNA sequence while using the Edit DNA Ends dialog.
  • Ensured that a file dragged into a collection is selected.
  • Ensured that after performing a search in a collection, the first matching file is displayed.
  • Disabled the "Search Previous Results" button for a collection until search criteria have been specified.

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