Release Notes

Version 4.2.6   details

This version includes additional minor enhancements, including improved compatibility with macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Version 4.2.5   details

This version includes additional stability enhancements and minor improvements.

Version 4.2.4   details

This version includes multiple stability enhancements and other minor improvements.

Version 4.2.3   details

This version includes additional stability enhancements, and further improvements to the collection interface.

Version 4.2.2   details

This version includes additional stability enhancements, as well as more flexible controls for displaying information in collections.

Version 4.2.1   details

This version includes stability enhancements for the new and updated features in the 4.2 release.

Version 4.2   details

Version 4.2 adds an interface for multiple alignment, together with improved tools for displaying and exchanging data.

The Mac update requires macOS 10.10 or later.

Multiple Protein and DNA Alignments

Align protein or DNA sequences using any combination of Clustal Omega, MAFFT, MUSCLE, or T-Coffee. A versatile interface provides options for rendering and editing an alignment.

Improved Display of Related Features

pre-mRNA features such as exons are automatically grouped for display in the same row of a map.

Tabbed Interface for macOS

With macOS 10.13 and later, sequence windows can now be organized with tabs.

Choice of Any Reading Frame

In Sequence view, choose any of the six reading frames for a full-sequence translation.

File Exchange with the LabArchives ELN

Exchange files between SnapGene and the LabArchives Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN).

Version 4.1.9   details

This version includes additional fixes and enhancements.

Version 4.1.8   details

This version provides additional fixes and enhancements, including resolution of a recent bug that slowed import of large sequences from NCBI.

Version 4.1.7   details

This version includes additional fixes and enhancements.

Order from VectorBuilder

Entire plasmids can now be ordered directly from VectorBuilder.

Version 4.1.6   details

This version includes additional fixes and enhancements.

Sort a Collection List Bidirectionally

Sort the files in a collection in either order according to date or code number.

Version 4.1.5   details

This version includes additional fixes and enhancements.

Version 4.1.4   details

This version includes additional fixes and enhancements.

Version 4.1.3   details

This version includes additional fixes and enhancements.

Save to a Folder in a Collection

When saving to a collection, you can now specify which folder to save into.

Version 4.1.2   details

This version includes additional fixes and enhancements.

"Gap" Features

"Gap" features are now supported.

Version 4.1.1   details

This version includes various fixes and enhancements.

"Order" Button

An "Order" button has been added to the top toolbar.

Version 4.1   details

Version 4.1 offers enhanced flexibility, with a focus on file history trees and the collection interface.

Limit File History Trees

History trees are one of SnapGene’s most powerful features, but large history trees make sequence files unwieldy and slow the simulations. Now you can automatically limit the size of history trees, or manually trim history trees for individual files or sets of files.

View Folders in a Collection

Files in a collection can now be organized in nested folders. The file hierarchy is visible with an optional folder view.

Define Code Numbers for a Collection

For DNA files in a collection, a versatile interface allows specification of the code number format. Newly added or imported files can automatically receive sequential code numbers.

Create a Working Set for a Collection

Files of interest in a collection can be assigned to a "Working Set". Those files are then easily accessed both in the collection and in cloning windows.

Sort a Collection by "Date Created"

Files in a collection can now be sorted either by “Date Added” or “Date Created”.

Choose Enzymes More Precisely

The Choose Enzymes dialog offers new options for specifying the properties of the recognition sequence.

Version 4.0.8   details

This version provides various fixes.

Version 4.0.7   details

This version provides stability enhancements.

Version 4.0.6   details

This version includes additional stability and performance enhancements.

Version 4.0.5   details

This version includes a number of fixes and minor enhancements.

Version 4.0.4   details

This version includes additional improvements requested by our customers.

Version 4.0.3   details

This version includes a number of improvements requested by our customers.

Version 4.0.2   details

This version enhances program stability and interface appearance.

Version 4.0.1   details

This version fixes an issue that adversely affected starting the application and opening and closing files on Windows.

Version 4.0   details

Version 4.0 takes SnapGene to a new level of utility by supporting “collections”, which are browsable and searchable databases of DNA and protein files.

Other changes improve the responsiveness and stability of the software.

Make and Browse Sequence Collections

Store DNA and protein files in specialized folders that allow the contents to be browsed with a flexible interface. Sort the files by name, code number, or date added. Define a “Main Collection” that can be shared by a group, and create personal collections for individual projects.

Search a Collection

Choose from a wide set of options to find files with specific contents or properties.

Annotate Introns Faster

With a translated feature, convert lowercase regions to introns, or convert existing introns to lowercase.

Do a Batch Replacement

Use a collection to perform batch replacement of a specific DNA or protein sequence, feature name, primer name, or sequence author.

Define a Sequence Alias

Display an alternative name for a plasmid or other sequence.

Import Swiss-Prot Files

Open protein sequence files in Swiss-Prot format directly in SnapGene.

Version 3.3.4   details

This version includes a number of minor improvements requested by our customers.

Version 3.3.3   details

This version addresses several customer requests.

Version 3.3.2   details

This version fixes various issues.

Version 3.3.1   details

This version fixes various issues.

Version 3.3   details

Version 3.3 provides new synthetic biology tools, as well as enhanced options for file conversion and embedding.

The software has been updated to improve performance with newer operating systems and with high-DPI monitors for Windows. SnapGene 3.3 requires macOS 10.8, or Windows 7 or later.

Insert Sequence Elements

Use dedicated commands to insert features, restriction sites, codons, or reverse translations.

Design a Synthetic Construct

Assemble a DNA construct by inserting sequence elements with the New Synthetic Construct interface.

Define Favorite Features

Designate standard or custom features as “Favorites” that can be accessed quickly from a special list.

Embed External Files

Organize your data by embedding image or document files into a SnapGene file.

Batch Convert Files

Convert an entire folder of files to or from SnapGene format in a single step.

Import Geneious Files

Open DNA and protein sequence files in .geneious format directly in SnapGene.

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