SnapGene® Server

SnapGene format is rapidly becoming the industry standard for sharing plasmid information, and we wanted to make it even easier for companies and organizations to share plasmids online. So we created SnapGene Server.

With SnapGene Server powering your website, visitors can

  • View the beautiful maps you have come to expect from SnapGene
  • Adjust the map format
  • Annotate common features
  • Annotate primer binding sites
  • Obtain a list of features
  • Obtain a list of primers
  • Obtain a list of restriction sites
  • Obtain a list of open reading frames
  • Convert between file formats
SnapGene Server is already powering the maps on our own website. Here’s an example.

You can do the same, or use JavaScript to customize in various ways.

Visitors Can Even Create Their Own Maps

Visitors to your website can upload sequences, and SnapGene Server will automatically generate interactive maps.

Import and Export Common Formats

No matter what program scientists use to plan experiments, they should be able to see their data in an easy-to-read map, so we've taken care that you can import* and export** common file formats.

* ApE, CLC Bio, Clone Manager, DNAssist, DNADynamo, DNASTAR Lasergene®, DNA Strider, DS Gene, EMBL (ENA), EnzymeX, GenBank / DDBJ, Gene Construction Kit®, Geneious, GeneTool, Jellyfish, MacVector, pDRAW32, Serial Cloner, Swiss-Prot, Vector NTI®, Visual Cloning

** FASTA, GenBank, EMBL

Want to power your plasmid maps with SnapGene Server?

It's easy to set up, and free for nonprofit sites. Get in touch!
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