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  • Restriction site overview
  • Reading frames for gene fusions
  • Comprehensive "Undo" capability
  • Realistic agarose gels
  • Automatic feature annotation
  • History overview
  • Gateway® cloning
  • Import of features and primers
  • Zooming for chromosomes
  • Versatile file conversion
  • Primer binding sites
  • Embedded ancestor sequences
  • Primer-directed mutagenesis
  • TA & GC cloning
  • Sequence trace alignment

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As a service to the research community, we provide a library of carefully annotated plasmids, along with guides to popular cloning methods.


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SnapGene offers the fastest and easiest way to plan, visualize, and document your molecular biology procedures.

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SnapGene Viewer is a versatile tool for creating and sharing richly annotated sequence files. It opens many common file formats.

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