Convert File Formats

Open exchange of information is crucial, so SnapGene and SnapGene Viewer provide options for reading and exporting common file formats.

When importing from another format, the goal is to capture not only the DNA sequence, but also the annotations and notes. If you encounter a glitch when importing a file, or if you would like support for a new file format, please contact us.

Brilliant that it’s both Mac and PC compatible and supports import and export in several formats. The files can be used anywhere in the world via the ‘Viewer’. So many great features! Excellent online support. You won’t regret using this software!
S. Taylor
Manchester University, UK
For Developers: Work with SnapGene Files

If you would like to incorporate SnapGene into your data analysis or lab management software, please contact us for information about how to read and write SnapGene files.

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