Subscription Plans

The best option for individuals or teams of any size.
Get the most value with free updates during the term of your subscription.

SeatsPer Year
Additional seat options available
SeatsPer Year
Additional seat options available

Your subscription includes:

  • Licenses for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Free upgrades, updates and fixes during the term of your subscription
  • Online license management: distribute SnapGene, manage users, activate/deactivate seats, and more
  • Purchase additional seats at any time with built-in proration
  • Ability to deploy with conventional IT tools for large groups
  • Automatic renewal without need for re-installation or re-activation
  • Technical support for installation and activations

All prices in US dollars. To qualify for academic pricing, your group must be a degree-granting institution or nonprofit registered charity and use SnapGene exclusively for academic research. For purchase orders, proforma invoices, and other questions please email

Student Subscription

Available to students enrolled in an active degree-granting program.

Annual Student
Per Year

Student subscriptions can only be purchased online via credit card by:

  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • Postdoctoral fellows
  • Medical residents

SnapGene reviews compliance and will revoke licenses purchased in violation of these terms. Please do not purchase a Student Subscription if you do not qualify for student pricing. A Student Subscription can only be owned by an individual as opposed to a University department.

Permanent Licenses

No upgrades or future support. Single seat licenses only.

SnapGene 7 Academic
Per License
SnapGene 7 Corporate
Per License

We do not recommend this option:

  • No upgrades to newer versions
  • No guaranteed support for future operating system updates
  • No group volume discounts

Course Licenses

Are you a professor or teacher?
Offering SnapGene to your students as part of a course is free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my existing subscription?
If you purchased directly online from our website with a credit card, your license will automatically renew using the card on-file. If you purchased with the assistance of an agent, you may complete your renewal manually online with a credit card or submit a quote/invoice request to us via our contact page here. Note that we can only offer quotes to eligible customers with orders that total at least $750.
What happens when my subscription plan expires?
When your subscription expires, you lose access to the SnapGene software. Access will not be regained until the subscription is renewed or a new purchase is placed.
What is the best option for commercial users?
Please contact us here for assistance with determining the best option for your company.
What are the restrictions of a permanent license purchase?
The permanent license only allows you to access the version of SnapGene that you purchased, with no option for upgrades to future versions. We cannot guarantee that older software versions will be compatible with future operating systems once released. Permanent licenses are also only available in single-seat form with no group option or volume discount available.
Do you offer a new/start up biotechnology business package?
If you are in early stage funding you may qualify for a startup package, please contact us here to see if you qualify.
Do you offer course licenses?
Yes we do, offering SnapGene to your students as part of a course is free. Learn more here.
Can I pay by purchase order?
Customers from eligible institutions/companies may use a PO as long as the order meets our $750 minimum. If you're unsure about your eligibility, please contact us here.