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The students of today will discover the scientific breakthroughs of tomorrow.

We want to help. We offer free licenses to educators for their students using SnapGene in their course.

  • Help your students perform DNA manipulations
  • Accelerate learning with SnapGene’s intuitive interface
  • Enable students to clone accurately
  • Enhance collaboration by sharing SnapGene annotated maps and sequences
  • Licenses available for student’s personal computers
  • Plus it’s easy to get for your course and completely free!

Bring the power of SnapGene to your classroom

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What is a SnapGene free course license?

We offer free licenses for students to use SnapGene in courses. The free course licenses are activating during the duration of the course and are available for students only. Once the course ends, the free course licenses will expire.

What courses qualify for free course licenses?

Course offerings for undergrad courses of accredited universities and high schools. Courses must not exceed a 6 month period. Not all courses are eligible. Submissions are subject to review.

Who can request free course licenses?

Only course instructors can request free course licenses on behalf of their students.

Who can use free course licenses?

Only students can use SnapGene free course licenses. Free course licenses will not be given to instructors. If we suspect misuse of this license, we reserve the right to suspend access.