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Standard Licenses

SnapGene offers companies many efficiencies, including progressive discounts for additional licenses.

Single3-pack6-pack10-packAdditional 5-packs
Annual Subscription$1,195$2,995$5,395$8,595$3,750
Version UpdatesIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded

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Initial Purchase

Single3-pack6-pack10-packAdditional 5-packs
Permanent License Purchase Price$3,585$8,985$16,185$25,785$11,250
1 Year of Updates*IncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded

* Your initial purchase includes an update and support package for your first year of use, after which you may elect to continue receiving updates by extending your update and support package. If you choose to extend after the update period has ended, the price will increase to reflect the intervening months.

Renewal of Update and Support Package

Single3-pack6-pack10-packAdditional 5-packs
1 Year of Updates$1,795$4,495$8,095$12,895$5,625
2 Years of Updates (Save 10%)$3,231$8,091$14,571$23,211$10,125
3 Years of Updates (Save 20%)$4,308$10,788$19,428$30,948$13,500

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Update & Support FAQ

Do I need to renew the update and support package for my permanent license?

It is entirely up to you if you choose to renew your update and support package. If you buy a permanent license and choose not to renew, you will still have access to SnapGene but will no longer receive updates. SnapGene is in active development, and we release new features and enhancements, prioritized by customer feedback, every two to three months. SnapGene is designed by working scientists, and the software is evolving along with the field, so many customers find value in continuing to receive automatic updates.

After we have owned permanent licenses for a year, can we delay before purchasing additional updates?

Yes, but you receive the best value by renewing your contract right away, because the price is calculated based on the previous expiration date. For example, if you wait 12 months after your contract expires and then purchase another 12 months of updates, the price will be the same as if you had purchased 24 months of updates when your contract first expired.

Upgrades FAQ

If I add more licenses after the initial purchase, can I still get the progressive discount?

Yes. Upgrade cost = (Price of package you are upgrading to) – (Price of package you are upgrading from). For example, if you purchase an industry subscription license 3-pack for $2,995 and then upgrade to a 6-pack, the upgrade price will be $2,300.

How does upgrading to a larger license pack affect my expiration date?

Each new license comes with 12 months of subscription or updates, but for simplicity, these months are allocated so that all licenses have the same expiration date. For example, if you purchase an annual subscription 3-pack and then upgrade 6 months later to a 6-pack, the 3 original licenses will each have 6 remaining months while the 3 new licenses will each have 12 remaining months, so all 6 licenses will be valid for 9 months after the upgrade. This way, we can ensure that you always get exactly what you pay for.

Floating & Network Licenses

To purchase floating or network licenses, please tell us about your needs so that we can provide you with a quote for the most cost-effective solution.

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