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Changes in version 4.0.3 (Aug 16, 2017)

New Functionality

  • Added Thermo Fisher O'GeneRuler MW markers.
    (Requested by Alexandra Iouranova)
  • Added TransGen Biotech MW markers.
    (Requested by Xiong Qin)


  • Added "TransGen Biotech" to the Sequence Author list.
  • Added support for "citation" and "PCR_primers" qualifiers.
  • Added support for the "/note" qualifier for J_segment features.
  • Improved the naming of imported features.


  • Ensured that code numbers and aliases are always shown in a collection list.
    (Reported by Alina Goldstein)
  • Removed an outdated message about AgeI losing activity 37°C.
    (Reported by Georg)
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard shortcut for "Choose Enzymes" stopped working on Windows.
    (Reported by Chris Jacobs and Fabian Bietz)
  • Improved loading performance of Recent File lists for network mapped drives.
    (Reported by Maarten Rotman)
  • Configured the importer to open files written by CLC Bio 6.9 and prior.
    (Reported by Dan Moran)
  • Enhanced the GenBank importer to convert a nonstandard qualifier to a /note qualifier that preserves the original qualifier name as a prefix.
    (Requested by Novozymes)
  • Allowed iDNA and misc_difference features to be forward and reverse directional.
    (Requested by Novozymes)
  • Fixed an issue when exporting feature names to GenBank/GenPept/EMBL/SwissProt format.
    (Reported by Novozymes)
  • Ensured reliable import and export of strings enclosed in quotes in GenBank qualifiers.
    (Reported by Novozymes)
  • Improved the reliability of importing and exporting GenBank feature names as well as deprecated and nonstandard feature types.
    (Reported by Novozymes)
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong number of annealed bases could be displayed in the selection bar for a primer that has multiple binding sites.
    (Reported by Chu Chen)
  • Enhanced how nonstandard feature types are migrated to /label qualifiers.
    (Suggested by Novozymes)
  • Fixed an issue that could result in an enzyme being listed multiple times for a given restriction site or in the Choose Enzymes dialog.
    (Reported by Nicola Zilio)
  • Improved the accuracy of extending selections by Shift-clicking while viewing an alignment.
    (Reported by Leonid Valentovich)
  • Ensured that /note qualifiers are retained when decoding feature names from imported files.
    (Requested by Novozymes)
  • Prevented the "File" and "Edit" menus from being shown behind other controls when using the Add/Edit/Duplicate Feature dialogs with a protein sequence.
    (Reported by Icon Genetics)
  • Ensured that the selected file in a collection window is listed as an open file in Action window source menus.
  • Improved the responses of the collection window Replace controls.
  • Updated the collection window behavior so that after importing files, the display switches automatically to the “All” setting.
  • Ensured that keyboard shortcuts for switching enzyme sets work consistently while viewing a collection.
  • Prevented outdated messages from being shown after installing a software update.
  • Ensured that a linear map remains visible in Map view after exporting the map image.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying a map alias when exporting to a raster format.
  • Improved the margins for printed output.
  • Adjusted the Recent File menu tooltip position on Windows and Linux.
  • Improved the positioning of context menus in the collection window list.
  • Enhanced the GenBank importer to include a backslash (“/“) before a nonstandard qualifier during conversion to a /note qualifier.
  • Ensured that imported nonstandard or forbidden qualifiers are visible in a /note qualifier within the Add/Edit Feature dialogs.
  • Prevented the appearance of lingering phantom menus on macOS.
  • Ensured that if multiple suitable GenBank qualifiers are available for naming an imported feature, the first such qualifier is used.
  • Improved the import of partial sequences from Addgene.
  • Prevented the appearance of inappropriate transient messages while changing the list selection in a collection window.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Action commands from working when no file was selected in an open collection window.
  • Prevented descents of characters from being clipped in various search fields.
  • Fixed the plain file icons in Recent Files menus on Linux.