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Changes in version 4.0.4 (Sep 1, 2017)


  • Made various optimizations.
  • Added a shortcut for quitting the application on Windows and Linux.


  • Ensured that columns in Features view are always correctly aligned when viewing a file in a collection.
    (Reported by Frank Thieme)
  • Enabled transfer of pasted features, primers, and DNA colors after choosing "Reverse complement" in the Insert Bases dialog.
    (Reported by Tom Folliard)
  • Enabled the opening of FASTA/GenBank/GenPept/EMBL/UniProt files that begin with a byte order mask (e.g., files obtained from the Ensembl database).
    (Reported by Nate Nowak)
  • Fixed an issue in which enzyme sets imported using the Manage Enzyme Sets dialog would disappear.
    (Reported by Christel Aebischer)
  • Improved the behavior of the Window menu.
    (Reported by Karri Klein)
  • Fixed a performance issue when one or more recent files are located elsewhere on the network or are not accessible.
  • Made various stability improvements.
  • Prevented the rare appearance of the License Agreement dialog during startup after the EULA has already been accepted.
  • Fixed various issues with modifying collections on Windows and Linux.
  • Enabled saving of an open trace file to a collection.
  • Prevented a glitch with the appearance of sequence traces that align around the numerical origin.