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Changes in version 4.3 (Feb 14, 2019)


  • Added MW markers from Bio-Lab.
    (Requested by Guy Douvdevany)


  • Ensured that the Copy command defaults to DNA rather than RNA on Windows even when using Alt + Tab to bring up a window.
    (Reported by Rob Van Houdt)
  • Enabled opening of two collections with overlapping names.
    (Reported by Pedro Olivares)
  • Fixed a regression with importing a Vector NTI® database.
    (Reported by Miriam Ravins)
  • Fixed a regression that prevented the "Add Features" button from turning blue in the Detect Common Features dialog.
    (Reported by Will Arnold)
  • Fixed a regression in which the topology and automatic annotation controls were omitted when importing a FASTA archive.
    (Reported by Wulf Dirk Leuschner)
  • Prevented a crash that could occur when invoking "Print to PDF" from the Noncutters dialog and then canceling.
  • Enabled keyboard shortcuts for Bold, Italic, and Underline when the top toolbar is not shown.
  • Ensured that the column highlighting box is always visible when the mouse cursor is above a column in a multiple alignment window.