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Changes in version 4.3.2 (Feb 19, 2019)

New Functionality

  • Added Azura Genomics MW markers.


  • Improved stability when viewing collections using Folder view.
    (Reported by Rea Globus)
  • Ensured that aligned sequences are properly aligned with the reference sequence on macOS when scrollbars are not set to be always shown.
    (Reported by Lauren Lehmann)
  • Improved the display of mismatches when viewing an alignment with a reference sequence.
  • Improved stability when deleting files or folders in a collection.
  • Ensured that after a folder is removed from a collection, the folder name disappears from the info bar.
  • Improved stability when opening SAM files that contain multiple contig assemblies.
  • Fixed an issue that caused imported files in collections to receive extra extensions on their names.
  • Improved stability for rich formatting controls in the Description Panel.
  • Prevented rich formatting controls from being hidden when the application loses focus.
  • Preserved the file selection when double-clicking a file in a collection using List view.
  • Made various additional stability fixes and optimizations.
  • Ensured that changing the trimming stringency for aligned sequences is effective while using Map view.
  • Improved painting of the conservation indicator in multiple sequence alignment windows.
  • Improved stability when editing a multiple sequence alignment.