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Changes in version 5.0.1 (Sep 27, 2019)

New Functionality

  • Added MW markers from IBI Scientific.
    (Requested by Alice)


  • Improved colors in the Gateway® Cloning overviews.
  • Restored the ability to toggle visibility of a selected aligned sequence using the Spacebar, and extended this ability to multiple selected sequences.
    (Reported by Adrian Ross)


  • Improved stability on Ubuntu Linux 18+.
    (Reported by Jose Wojnacki)
  • Fixed an isolated issue that could cause a file to become corrupted.
    (Reported by Adonia Kim)
  • Improved the importer for Vector NTI® .cep files.
    (Reported by Sanofi)
  • Improved the import of Vector NTI® databases with visually collapsed separators.
    (Requested by Sanofi)
  • Improved the Code Number column in the collection interface to provide sufficient space to display long code numbers.
    (Requested by Tim Nierhaus)
  • Restored stability in cloning dialogs.
    (Reported by Jonathan Turner)
  • Ensured that clickable links are always shown in blue.
  • Improved stability when viewing alignments to a reference DNA sequence in Sequence view.
  • Improved the positioning of ORF directionality indicators.
  • Ensured that the trimmed ranges are reset when aligned sequences are realigned.
  • Improved stability when using muli-threaded functionality.
  • Improved the selection summary when multiple folders are selected in a collection.
  • Reduced the drag sensitivity after a Shift-click to prevent unwanted changes in a list.
  • Fixed a bug with jumping to the end of an aligned sequence when the Zoom control is active.