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Changes in version 5.0.7 (Dec 16, 2019)


  • Updated the common features database.
  • Added a "Clear List" action to the bottom of the menu in the "Import Primers from a List" dialog.
    (Requested by Michael Baughn)


  • Fixed a regression with the background color for copied and exported gels.
    (Reported by Russ Collins)
  • Improved compatibility of collections that are stored on a Google Shared Drive.
    (Reported by Kurt De Vos and Michael Gotrik)
  • Improved stability when importing Vector NTI databases.
    (Reported by Christoph Harms)
  • Corrected an issue that could cause aligned sequences to disappear after saving.
    (Reported by Denise Lanza and Adrian R)
  • Substantially improved the decoding of alignment and sequence trace data from Vector NTI .cep files.
    (Reported by Dale Cowley)
  • Fixed an issue in which aligned copied sequences were not always shown.
    (Reported by Leonid V)
  • Corrected a regression that could result in inferior alignments to a reference sequence.
    (Reported by Elisabeth Boger)
  • Restored the "Import Features from a SnapGene File..." command to the Features menu when working with a protein file.
    (Reported by Anton Schmitz)
  • Improved the import of feature name, color, and directionality data as well as the map label from GenBank files exported by Vector NTI.
    (Reported by Terete Borras)
  • Adding missing Edit → Copy Amino Acids menu actions when viewing a protein file in a collection.
  • Streamlined the interface by not displaying feature descriptions when detecting common features or importing features.
  • Ensured that tapping Enter correctly selects the contents of line edit fields in the Description Panel.
  • Ensured that ambiguous bases in traces are consistently shown as black on a yellow background.
  • Disabled Undo after making an edit to a very long DNA sequence because such operations cannot presently be undone.
  • Fixed a regression that caused deletions at the very beginning of a sequence to generate unexpected results and to be especially slow in large sequences.
  • Prevented adding a folder with a duplicate name in a collection by disabling the "OK" button instead of showing a scary window.
  • Improved the display of hybridization for primers in the Mutagenesis dialog and PCR-based cloning dialogs.
  • Enabled mutagenesis to be simulated using a primer that hybridizes perfectly but includes degenerate bases.
  • Made various format improvements for printing.
  • Ensured that ruler tick marks are always the correct height in Sequence view.
  • Improved colors for protein feature labels and lines with dark and other nonstandard background colors.
  • Ensured that all trace data are shown near trimming handles for aligned sequences.
  • Fixed a regression that sometimes resulted in disappearing features and grayed-out bases when nonaligned regions were shown by dragging the right trimming handle.
  • Added a warning before attempting to align pairs of very large sequences.
  • Fixed various visual issues when viewing nonaligned ends in an alignment to a reference DNA sequence.
  • Improved scrolling to mismatches and to the next or previous aligned region in an alignment to a reference DNA sequence, and properly disabled these controls when there is no destination for scrolling.
  • Fixed setting the collection folder icon when creating a new collection or while asking to open the main collection.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause the wrong name to be shown for unsaved open files when setting the options for a pairwise alignment.