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Changes in version 5.1.1 (May 6, 2020)

New Functionality

  • Added an adjustable match threshold when detecting common features in new DNA files and in inserted DNA sequences.
    (Suggested by Katherine Geromini)


  • Provided the option of requiring up to 25 matching bases at the 3' end of a primer.
    (Requested by Yield10 Bio)
  • Added a check for a 64-bit operating system before proceeding to install on Windows.
  • Made various textual enhancements.


  • Improved stability when deleting amino acids in protein sequences.
    (Reported by Frank Fayang Zhou)
  • Enabled correct opening of double-clicked files with URL-encoded characters on Ubuntu Linux.
    (Reported by Michael Jeltsch)
  • Enabled correct opening of sequence traces in collections on Windows and Linux.
    (Reported by Frank Fayang Zhou)
  • Fixed a regression with copying selected regions in multiple sequence alignments.
    (Reported by Leigh Harty)
  • Ensured reliable automatic trimming of low-quality ends of sequence traces.
    (Reported by Jessica Saul)
  • Fixed a regression that could cause inappropriate headers to be shown in Features view after detecting common features.
  • Fixed a regression in which display options were not mirrored in sequences aligned with a reference DNA sequence.
  • Ensured that the "Confirmed experimentally" check mark is colored green.
  • Ensured proper display of the selection in a split Sequence view window after the selection is extended using the keyboard.
  • Improved stability when closing documents as well as exiting.
  • Prevented repeated appearance of a confirmation dialog when importing primers from a list into multiple files in a collection.
  • Ensured appearance of a warning message if no primers can be imported into multiple files in a collection.
  • Fixed an issue in which failing to import primers into files in a collection still marked those files as having unsaved changes.
  • Prevented inserted bases from being mistakenly shown in red when using the Edit DNA Ends dialog.
  • Fixed a regression that caused "Find" matches to be highlighted in green in Map view.
  • Configured the Select Range dialog that is invoked from a multiple alignment to auto-select the first range value, thereby allowing that value to be replaced quickly.
  • Corrected an issue in which the selection bar could report "aa" instead of "bases" for a selection in a DNA alignment.
  • Ensured that switching a pairwise alignment to a format that uses less vertical space never generates a blank window.
  • Corrected an issue in which the import of a primer that had been exported to GenBank format from Geneious might produce errors in the sequence and computed properties of the primer.