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Changes in version 5.1.3 (May 21, 2020)


  • Enhanced Sequence view so that when two panels of sequence are visible in a split window, the minimap at the top shows the visible regions from both panels.
  • Enhanced cloning dialogs to fit on smaller displays.
    (Requested by Fayang Zhou)
  • Support polyA_site point features.
  • Made various textual enhancements.


  • Enhanced the GFF3 importer to handle files that mark a single sequence with multiple references.
    (Reported by a customer)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented opening of some Vector NTI® .apr alignment files.
    (Reported by K.L. Cheung)
  • Corrected a regression that prevented files in a collection's "Working Set" from being listed in source menus in action dialogs.
    (Reported by Thom Hughes)
  • Improved stability when importing protein features from another SnapGene file.
    (Reported by Anton Schmitz)
  • Corrected an issue that could result in poor alignments.
    (Jinyeong Cheon)
  • Corrected a regression that prevented restriction sites blocked by methylation from being shown in gray in Enzymes View using Numbers mode.
  • Corrected a regression that prevented sorting of restriction sites in Enzymes view by location of the first site or by distance from the selection.
  • Ensured proper import of SnapGene online sequence files that contain "&" in their names, such as the COVID-19 genome file.
  • Corrected a regression that could prevent enzymes in aligned sequences from reflecting the chosen option for displaying enzymes.
  • Ensured that Enzymes view does not scroll when toggling enzyme visibility.
  • Corrected an issue that made it difficult to trim aligned sequences by dragging a trimming handle when using double-stranded DNA format.
  • Improved the export to GenBank and other text formats of features that contain "&" and other symbols in qualifiers.
  • Improved the appearance of a selection in an aligned sequence when manual trimming partially occludes the selection.
  • Corrected a regression that prevented invoking the Destroy Restriction Site or Remove Restriction Fragment dialogs by pressing Delete or Backspace in Enzymes view.
  • Ensured that toggling enzyme visibility no longer marks a file as unsaved.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent dashes within gaps from being shown when viewing an alignment to a reference DNA sequence.
  • Prevented aligned bases from being shown in red at the endpoints of an alignment.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause "Redo Alignment" to fail for some files.
  • Ensured that the Edit Feature dialog correctly indicates that segment ranges can overlap if features with overlapping segments were imported from GenBank or other file formats.
  • Improved the default ratio between the two panel heights when generating a split window.
  • Prevented unnecessary vertical space from being allocated when laying out aligned sequences in double-stranded DNA format when enzymes are visible.
  • Improved the file information shown for registered file types in the Windows Explorer and the macOS Finder.
  • Improved the display of aligned regions in Map view.