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Changes in version 5.2 (Oct 13, 2020)

    New Functionality:

    • Enabled visualization of GC content as a color plot in Map view or base colors in Sequence view.
      (Requested by Michael Brooks, Max Garwood, Robb Stankey and others)
    • Added support for finding similar DNA sequences with mismatches or indels compared to the search query.
      (Requested by multiple users)
    • Added support for simulating the migration of supercoiled DNA molecules in agarose gels using TBE, TAE or SB buffer.
      (Requested by multiple users)
    • Added support for single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) sequences.
      (Requested by John O'Brien and others)
    • Enabled import of Sequencher project files (*.spf).
      (Requested by May Cindhuchao, Heather McFarlane, and Usua Oyarbide)
    • Enabled "Undo" for edits in large sequences.
    • Added DNA ladders from DyneBio.
      (Requested by Dae-Geun Song)
    • Added supercoiled MW markers from ELPIS BIOTECH and New England Biolabs.
    • Added BsmBI-v2 to the list of enzymes available from New England BioLabs.
    • Added fields for username and email address in the license registration dialog.


    • Optimized storage of history for the following operations: Change Methylation, Change Transformation Strain, Set Origin, Flip, Insert/Delete/Replace, Linearize, Circularize.
      (Requested by Dan Lysko, and by others who complained about large files)
    • Updated the supported protein feature types by adding new types (NonStdRes, Protein, Precursor, SecStr, Het, CDS, gene, misc_feature, unsure, variation), promoting Region subtypes to types, and adding new Site and Bond subtypes.
      (Requested by Sanofi)
    • Added a note in Features view to indicate the presence of internal stop codons in a translated feature.
      (Inspired by Tom Hamer)
    • Enhanced the Preferences tools to allow more flexible default options for displaying ORFs.
      (Requesed by Caroline Reiss)
    • Enabled carrying over feature qualifiers when creating a protein sequence using "Make Protein" or "Reverse Translate".
      (Requested by Katherine Geromini)
    • Added the option to merge segments when using "Make Protein" on a multi-segment DNA feature.
    • Added a "Hide noncutters" check box in the Choose Enzymes dialog.
      (Inspired by Bruce Lahn)
    • Enabled importing features from any supported file type when using "Import Features from a SnapGene File".
      (Requested by Greg Perry)
    • Enabled more flexible batch conversion of chromatogram traces to other formats.
      (Requested by Arthur Fridman)
    • Improved search performance for large DNA sequences.
    • Configured the minimap to show both scrolled areas when two copies of Sequence view are visible.
    • Updated the format of the Preferences dialog, and added an "Agarose Gels" tab.
    • Added the option to designate a new collection as the Main Collection.
    • Enabled saving imported online sequences directly to a collection.
    • Added shortcuts in a collection Overview for navigating to the DNA Files, Protein Files, or Miscellaneous Files sections.
    • Enabled symbols to be entered in search queries when searching SnapGene Online Sequences.
    • Increased the size of the length indicator in the map label at the "Small" font size.
    • Consolidated all Fisher MW Markers for agarose gels in the Fisher Scientific set.
    • Configured the Nonredundant Commercial enzyme set to include similar enzymes that differ by methylation sensitivity.
    • Configured SnapGene to show the Launch dialog on macOS when the SnapGene icon in the Dock is clicked, if no SnapGene windows are open.
    • Changed the icon for enabling interrupted circle format for a linear DNA sequence in Map view.
    • Configured the "Export Map" and "Export History" options to be always enabled.
    • Improved the wording of various menu options and dialogs to provide greater clarity and consistency.
    • Added a message informing the user that files can be dragged into the list when using Align Multiple Sequences.


    • Fixed an issue that prevented cloning dialogs from allowing the use of hidden enzymes.
      (Reported by Mily Ron)
    • Corrected an issue in "Protein Search" whereby terminal stop codons were not included in the search query.
      (Reported by Mike Xie)
    • Ensured that edits in an alignment window do not cause inappropriate scrolling.
      (Reported by Beth Lawrence)
    • Corrected an issue that could prevent alignment of a high-quality sequence trace.
      (Reported by Jessie Saul)
    • Ensured that the "Find" control in the Enzymes view chooser always shows a message to indicate if the enzyme is not in the chosen set.
    • Corrected an issue in which U's in overhangs resulting from linearizing were not preserved.
    • Configured "Select All" in the trace viewer context menu to actually select all.
    • Ensured that History view reflects changes after editing DNA ends.
    • Ensured that case changes in the "Find" entry field are preserved when the search is executed.
    • Ensured that imported RNA alignments are converted to DNA rather than protein alignments.
    • Corrected the license inactivity countdown to displays seconds rather than milliseconds.
    • Ensured that the "Accession Number:" label remains next to its entry field in the collection Search dialog.
    • Ensured that a "Sequence Name" search in the Protein Files area of a collection also searches the map labels and aliases.
    • Corrected an issue that resulted in alignment and collection windows not showing unsaved changes in the title bar on Windows and Linux.
    • Ensured more consistent sorting of enzymes in the Choose Enzymes dialog.
    • Streamlined the substitution matrix options presented when computing pairwise alignments.
    • Ensured that open alignments can be used as profiles when computing new alignments.
    • Corrected an issue that could result in the "Kind" column disappearing when viewing a collection.
    • Ensured that crisp screenshots are shown when detecting updates.
    • Improved import of the full publication date from PubMed.
    • Made various stability fixes.