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Changes in version 5.2.5 (Apr 26, 2021)


  • Add PaqCI to the enzyme database.
  • Added New England Biolabs as a supplier of SrfI
  • Updated the common features database.


  • Removed constraints on entering non-ASCII characters into the /label qualifier field.
  • Prevented < > characters in the description of a primer or feature from causing loss of any following text.
  • Prevented a crash that could occur when replacing all codons using the Choose Alternative Codons tool.
  • Corrected a regression to preserve the creation and modification dates when converting GenBank, EMBL, SwissProt, and UniProt records.
  • Corrected a regression so that the agarose gel simulation shows a blank lane when "amplified by PCR" is chosen and valid primer pairs have not been selected.
  • Corrected a regression with display of primer Tm values in agarose gel simulations of PCR amplification.
  • Ensured that if history is set to trim to a specified number of levels, an ancestor in the lowest level will always be embedded and available for resurrection.
  • Improved the handling of similar DNA searches with leading or trailing insertions when matching at the beginning or end of a sequence.
  • Improved display of the tab header in the Enzyme Database dialog on macOS Big Sur.