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Changes in version 6.2.2 (Apr 11, 2023)


    • Fixed scrolling in the text representation of History view using a mouse wheel or trackpad
    • Ensure dragging DNA, RNA, and protein files into Collections are never placed in the Miscellaneous Items section and ensure they can be opened.
    • Fixed issues where detecting common features sometimes failed to identify matches that are not identical at the ends even though the overall match fidelity is above the specified threshold.
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented computing the RNA structure when using a non US locale.
    • Improved colors of C and G peaks when viewing sequence traces in dark mode
    • Fixed an issue that prevented opening FASTQ files on Windows and Linux
    • Fixed an issue where moving sequences aligned to a reference up / down could result in them jumping two steps at a time.
    • Fixed issues with zooming an RNA secondary structure when using a non-US locale
    • Improved display of secondary structure statistics when using a non-US locale
    • Improved stability when pasting sequences into the New File dialog
    • Updated Windows installer for high resolution displays
    • Fixed an issue that prevented opening some EMBL sequences
    • Fixed a crash when switching from "Run PCR" to "Use Directory" in the Golden Gate Cloning dialog
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent reading in all primers created with upcoming versions of SnapGene